How to obtain court fees awarded to LL from Court

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    How to obtain court fees awarded to LL from Court

    A little frustrated, I have successful got rid of the T, but the courts awarded me the court fees, how do you enforce this or get this money, as I thought you put in a small claims, which I did just got a letter back under CPR 3.14(2) saying that the case is rejected. What is the process on getting your money back from a T in regards to court fees?

    Out of interest was this S8 or S21?

    Usually costs are added to any rent debt and often it is agreed by order that ex- tenant will pay £?? per month or a lump sum.
    Agree with what you say on small claims as well.
    Maybe someone else has and idea?

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      You have the court decision (well done). 1st enforce the CCJ to make life more realistic for this person.

      Then it's down to you to collect, the court doesn't do it. Either "attachment of earnings" from their PAYE payslip job or get a charge on ony property they own. You've 6 years to collect. Be patient, diligent & cunning!
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        It was via S21, how do you enforce the CCJ?


          A of e, third party debt order, or bailiff.


            You complete Form N316 and pay £50.00 when you submit it.
            The tenant is required to attend a court and give details of their income and assets.
            Some notes on the process here -

            I've never actually done this, so it would be great if someone with actual experience of the process chipped in!
            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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            • Reply to Enforcing a CCJ without current address
              by shoobydoo
              I used a company called Vilcol to trace someone. They gave me the new address and an updated phone number too. No solicitor needed. I did not have any previous address so had to pay a higher fee, but you already have the previous address so it will be lower. And if no trace, then no fee.
              11-08-2022, 18:50 PM
            • Enforcing a CCJ without current address
              by Chrisall
              First post and straight in with a question! We had a CCJ against a bad tenant and can't enforce/ recover the debt because the person refuses to provide their address. The prior address was our property and the only correspondence address is her debt management company. I've looked at address tracing...
              11-08-2022, 15:06 PM
            • Reply to Deposit not protected - when to take action?
              by artin
              I am a landlord. But not protecting a deposit is foolish and careless. I would go for it, I think you are entitled 1 to 3 times of the deposit so no body will go bankrupt, go for the max, can't see any excuse for not protecting a deposit. A landlord may forget to do something and a judge would be lenient...
              11-08-2022, 18:10 PM
            • Deposit not protected - when to take action?
              by security2
              Hi all,

              I know there's plenty of info on what to do when deposits are not protected but I wonder what your advice would be in this particular situation?

              A friend of mine took on a rental in London last year and has given notice to vacate for end of this month. It's through...
              11-08-2022, 17:12 PM
            • Reply to Deposit not protected - when to take action?
              by jpkeates
              I'd wait until the deposits been returned.
              Unless the agent makes some unreasonable demands, in which case I'd start then.

              Your friend has six years from the deadline to protect the deposit to make a claim.

              Even if the agent is acting on behalf of a landlord, it's possible...
              11-08-2022, 18:06 PM
            • Reply to Can I get rent paid direct to me?
              by NaomiB
              When you are my age, thirty one is enormously young!
              11-08-2022, 17:52 PM
            • Can I get rent paid direct to me?
              by NaomiB
              My tenant was supposed to have left yesterday but she hasn't so this morning I posted my N325-eng form with the £130 for the bailiffs.

              I am expecting the court to take about three weeks to issue the warrant and four to six weeks for the bailiffs to come so about two months or so. She...
              11-08-2022, 12:46 PM
            • Reply to Deposit not protected - when to take action?
              by AndrewDod
              Is the agent the named landlord on the tenancy agreement. If so, go for it. If agent is agent for some other named landlord, you will be screwing someone who has already been screwed over by the agent, so would need a good (moral) reason to want to do that....
              11-08-2022, 17:45 PM
            • Reply to Can I get rent paid direct to me?
              by Hudson01
              31 !!! Is not young, she is acting like a 15 year old, at 19 i was at war in the South Atlantic, that was young, she sounds immature and delusional.

              As said by others, forget all the updates with her and ensure you deal with her in a business like manner, she really is in for a big shock..........
              11-08-2022, 17:42 PM
            • Reply to Section 21 costs - who pays?
              by freddycd15
              Thank you all.

              What I've understood from the replies and some searching from my side is that:

              1) The court fee (£355) and a fixed fee (about £50-£80 depending on the nature of the case) are claimable only. I'm not sure if there are any others?

              2) You would fill...
              11-08-2022, 17:31 PM