landlord/agent not return part of deposit

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    landlord/agent not return part of deposit


    I have moved out from my rented property in 31/02/08.
    In this property inventory check-in and check-out has been done by independent inventory clerk.
    As per the inventory check out report the state of the property is same as at the time of check in & Ii is suggested that a full refund of the deposit is in order.

    I had received a mail from agent saying lanlord has deducted 230 pound from my deposit i.e 675

    He firstly states that the garden was cut back and weeded by his contractor after I moved in to the property and says that now it is not in a kept state, he also says that the skirting in the bedroom has paint coming off of it, the carpets are dirtier than when you moved in and the front door is broken. The costing are -

    Gardening - £70
    Repaint bedroom skirting - £30
    Clean carpet - £60
    Repair door - £70.

    Garden was never worked by landlord and there is no record found in agent also.

    I had sent a letter to landlord/agent for returning my frozen deposit & i had given him a 10 days notice other wise i will go to the cort.

    Not received any response from them.

    Could any body suggest what should be the next step.
    If i will go to the small claim cort using money claim online then what i have to mentioned in the "Particular of Claim" part because i can't write more than 1080 charaters.

    Please advice

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