Couple rented my property, husband died

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    Hopefully final update: The tenant has given formal notice after again paying the rent a week late. She came back from Europe, paid up and sent a text to the Letting Agent apologising, and then shortly afterwards sent another saying she was giving a month's notice.

    As sad as the situation is, this is a win/win. She was supposed to have a better idea of her plans after this month anyway - and we don't know whether she has followed up on any of the guidance supplied here, or indeed even started the probate process. We don't actually need to know.

    She has sent me a text overnight saying that she is going at the end of the month, and that she has taken great care of the home etc etc. I will leave it to the agent to go through the signing off of the inventory - we do know that the garage is rammed full of her late husband's stuff and he will explain that all that has to go in the next month, or it can be disposed off at a cost. He's on the case with all of that and the extra week she will owe.

    Brexit means a good amount has been wiped off the transfer value of the property so looking for another professional couple to take it on. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice - we passed on all the avenues that could still be open to her, but perhaps returning to Europe and living with family over there while things get sorted over here is the best path for her.

    Onwards to the next!


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    • licensee vs tenant
      i have been given 14 days notice -

      i asked my friend for help and to sort things out if possible, as he works in lettings etc -

      he said to be this is a licensee contract not an (AST) one - (i didnt know)

      basically, i want to know what rights i have to...
      07-02-2019, 20:58 PM
    • Reply to licensee vs tenant
      Possibly im coming from the angle of the council is 'supposed to help its residents tooth and nail'
      24-06-2019, 13:06 PM
    • Reply to licensee vs tenant
      The response makes perfect sense.

      You've been given a discretionary award to help pay your rent. which won't be refunded.
      The 12 months is conditional on you continuing to meet the requirements of the benefit, and your situation may change, so they won't pay future installments n...
      24-06-2019, 12:39 PM
    • Tenant choosing not to pay rent!

      I have issued my tenant with notice to leave the house as they did not pay rent. She lost her job and couldn't afford to live there and I was sympathetic to them re this. I have since found out that they had enough money in the bank to pay the rent but have chosen not too! They still...
      24-06-2019, 11:08 AM
    • Reply to Tenant choosing not to pay rent!
      I would take the time to ensure they had a nice CCJ to prevent them gaining credit in the future, this is the minimum i would do.
      24-06-2019, 12:27 PM
    • Reply to licensee vs tenant

      I 'implored' to the council/department who hands out awards and their response was basically: 'we wont be giving you a lump sum to pay your arrears because we don't know if you will find or get into work thereafter....' imagine that? the council is saying this...

      24-06-2019, 12:25 PM
    • Reply to Tenant choosing not to pay rent!
      Thank you. I am not expecting housing to discuss the tenants situation with me however I am very tempted to let them know that they are claiming money for rent and not paying it. I shall see how it pans out...
      24-06-2019, 12:23 PM
    • Bond or No Bond?
      Has anyone considered not taking a bond from a tenant?

      With all the bond related paperwork landlords must get 100% correct, all the hoops that have got to be jumped through to prove to DPS (or other) that your claim is legitimate, the new five weeks rent equivalent rule, has anyone just...
      18-06-2019, 09:38 AM
    • Reply to Bond or No Bond?
      This is how my thinking is going, its too stacked in the tenants favour....
      24-06-2019, 12:22 PM
    • Renewing Deposit - Original Deposit 6 Weeks Rent

      Just renewing a deposit for which I took a 6 week deposit 5 years ago. Just went in to renew on MyDeposits but it won't allow me to protect the original figure as it is more than 5 weeks rent.

      Am I supposed to refund one week and protect just 5? Seems totally crazy if...
      24-06-2019, 10:59 AM