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    How to get tenant out

    I want to sell my property and have already tried to sell it with tenant in situ for the last six months but have had no luck. Had a few viewing but no offers.
    Estate agent said I need to evict the tenant.
    I'm happy to pay for this service to get it right first time and have seen landlord actions adverts on this site .

    I don't really want any more contact with the tenant I just want them out asap so am I right to leave it in the hands of a specialist company like L.A?

    If you dont know how to do it then yes. It may take a while if you havent served the correct paperwork


      I get the impression that certain companies push clients down the s8 route to garner fees from court appearances, rather than suggesting an easier diy s21 eviction. Do some reading here about s21 before giving a lawyer a payday, IIWY.


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      • Suicide of tenant
        I rented out my house while working in Europe. One of my tenants commited suicide about three weeks ago and after a several days or more the other two tenants were worried and got the police to break down the door of his room and find his body. A tragedy that has obviously upset me enormously but without...
        17-06-2019, 16:34 PM
      • Reply to Suicide of tenant
        It has to be actively disclosed by the seller, not just answered truthfully when asked. Not entirely clear for how long though.
        17-06-2019, 18:28 PM
      • Company lets
        My company are bringing in some Indian nationals for a few months training.

        Secretary went and asked local agents and was fobbed off with nonsense like, "has to be an AST and the law says min 1 yr", I guess the agents don't need the complication.
        17-06-2019, 11:41 AM
      • Reply to Company lets
        Oh, well good luck with that. ...
        17-06-2019, 18:26 PM
      • dispute with council over council tax
        i have been billed for council tax for a property that was rent out. the tenant also ran a pub. he left last november , i told the council he had gone and informed them when the new tenant moved in . they billed me for when the property was empty. and i paid that bill . now 8 moths later the tenat...
        15-06-2019, 16:31 PM
      • Reply to dispute with council over council tax
        Then note that in your appeal. They accepted the earlier declaration, so as far as you were concerned documentary evidence of the tenant's occupation was no longer needed to be kept and hence it was destroyed accordingly. They can't go back on their acceptance unless there's evidence you lied. The tenant's...
        17-06-2019, 18:20 PM
      • Tenants splitting up. Guidance please!
        Hi all,

        I have a couple who are splitting up. The situation is amicable and the partner who is leaving is prepared to sign something.

        Could anyone guide me in the direction of what he needs to sign. Does anyone have the proper forms needed to sort out deposit shared and what...
        04-06-2019, 09:15 AM
      • Reply to Tenants splitting up. Guidance please!

        Thanks so much for the info jpkeates - really appreciate it.

        The deed of surrender looks great. The tenancy agreement is about 53 pages long, is that normal? That is going to take about half of my ink cartridge out lol

        Do you know if there is anything ...
        17-06-2019, 18:18 PM
      • Reply to Company lets
        Companies that are not in the property business generally lease their properties. Similarly with cars....
        17-06-2019, 18:16 PM
      • Reply to Suicide of tenant
        Sorry if this sounds callous.

        But I have cleared up after more than one suicide.
        (I'm not a landlord, but life is life - or not).

        After a 'few days' there should not have been much decomposition. A few weeks would be different.

        Voiding of bowels is to be...
        17-06-2019, 18:10 PM