Tenant Demanding Eviction Notice

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    Tenant Demanding Eviction Notice


    About a year ago we gave our flat to rent to a tentant (woman/teenager with child aged under 2) via the council. It was a one year standard agreement, which finished about a month ago. We recieve the rent direct from housing benifit.

    Everything was going well until 6 months back, when the tentant made accusations of rats on the premises. We sent out pest control who visited and then delt with the problem then on, and that was the end of that matter. However now when we called to renew the agreement, she refused to take/return and calls plus when we go to see her she does not open the door, and gets her friend to open and say that she is not home when she is just behined the door and after spotting her we wanted to talk to her, but she said ' I DONT WANT TO TALK TO YOU, AND DONT WANT TO RENEW THE CONTRACT, WHY SHOULD I LIVE WITH MOUSE AND RATS' even though there arnt any. Since then she is demanding for an EVICTION NOTICE by text.

    Yesturday she got a boy/Friend to call and say that she is in hospital and was complaing about bed bugs.

    What should i do? Should i give the eviction notice? Is that necessary ? Can she not leave on her own if she is not happy there?

    ( I will get the rent from the council till November 2008 because her circumstances changed half way through so housing benifit form was renewed, is that why she is doing this because she needs a reason to stop the rent, so to do so she needs a notice from me ) will it cost to provide her with a notice??

    Overall where do i stant, could she cause problems for me if i do not issue her the notice??? Please Help!! Thanks

    My guess is she wants to be offically given her notice so she has more chance of being rehoused by the council.


      Originally posted by soundsterltd View Post
      could she cause problems for me if i do not issue her the notice???
      Well I would have thought that given her behaviour that's a pretty obvious and resounding yes, wouldn't you?

      You surely don't want to keep her as tenant do you? So just give the notice. Needs to be via a proper Section 21 notice, not a text.

      The only issue is that when the council contact you to ask her why she's being evicted (as they surely will), you need to be honest or you could be seen as colluding with the tenant in her action of making herself intentionally homeless, which should rule her out of being elligible for a council property (though what happens in practice to a woman with a toddler, I don't know).

      It doesn't cost to issue a Section 21 notice, but when she doesn't leave after the two months (and she won't as the council won't act at that point) you will need to pay £150 to go through the courts for a posession order, which hopefully will be enough for the council to act (tenant should pay the £150 if you can get it from her). If not, then a bailiff costs a further $95 and a few more weeks.


        And it also sounds like she has problems with household hygiene if she has had vermin and bed bugs in the place, surely that has to be down to her
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