Getting my properties back from letting agent (so I can self manage)

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    I would start by telling the agent you want to self manage and ask them how to cancel your contract with them. They may be happy for you to go or have a notice period. Because they are a business they will be less personally involved and may not put up a fight. If they will not let you go easily then you need to look for terms in the contracts between you & them (NOT the AST between you & your tenants) that they have broken. If they are not keeping to their own terms & conditions they cannot force you to. Write to them detailing how they have broken the contact & advising them that you consider it void. Give them a months notice & advise them to not contact your tenants (they may threaten them with eviction for not paying). Get your tenants to pay the rent to your & remind them that their contract is between them & you - not the agent so eviction threats are nonsense. Be prepared for threats and angry letters but as long as you have proof of them breaking their contract & you are behaving properly they should have no recourse & will let you go when it starts costing them money with no income coming in. Good luck.


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