Landlord renting unauthorised loft conversion:

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    Landlord renting unauthorised loft conversion:

    Not sure this is correct forum but I'll post anyway.
    Moved into a newly built loft conversion recently only to discover the council have no records of this flat.
    The terrace house originally had planning permission to be converted into 2 separate flats, but owner /landlord has since built an additional 3, over 3 levels, & has rented the 1 bed loft conversion to me.
    I have a 12 month tennancy agreement with no break clause.

    The council building control surveyors now want access to the building to inspect it, but I work office hours so obviously can't accomodate, so have given them the landlord's address.

    In the mean time, the council have stated the building is classifed as an HMO & should be within those legal guidelines, which I don't believe they are, but they've said there's no point their deptment getting involved this soon until the planning dept have made a decision on the property.

    The HMO dept seemed to think that there was a possibility that the owner will have to carry out major work on the loft conversion especially to meet planning requirements or even tear it down! The actual building itself is clearly in breach of legal requirements for HMO's.

    Where do I stand as the tenant in all this??

    Having to move on and find somewhere else to live, I guess, if it is illegal and there's a lot of work to be done. Bummer.


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