Landlord renting unauthorised loft conversion:

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    Landlord renting unauthorised loft conversion:

    Not sure this is correct forum but I'll post anyway.
    Moved into a newly built loft conversion recently only to discover the council have no records of this flat.
    The terrace house originally had planning permission to be converted into 2 separate flats, but owner /landlord has since built an additional 3, over 3 levels, & has rented the 1 bed loft conversion to me.
    I have a 12 month tennancy agreement with no break clause.

    The council building control surveyors now want access to the building to inspect it, but I work office hours so obviously can't accomodate, so have given them the landlord's address.

    In the mean time, the council have stated the building is classifed as an HMO & should be within those legal guidelines, which I don't believe they are, but they've said there's no point their deptment getting involved this soon until the planning dept have made a decision on the property.

    The HMO dept seemed to think that there was a possibility that the owner will have to carry out major work on the loft conversion especially to meet planning requirements or even tear it down! The actual building itself is clearly in breach of legal requirements for HMO's.

    Where do I stand as the tenant in all this??

    Having to move on and find somewhere else to live, I guess, if it is illegal and there's a lot of work to be done. Bummer.


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    • Reply to Is time more important than money?
      by jpucng62
      The property was inspected - although Covid has it effect - but the tenant is entitled to live as they wish during the tenancy. It only became a problem when they failed to bring the property back to the condition they took it in when they left.

      I was just amazed that they could so easily...
      27-01-2022, 19:45 PM
    • Is time more important than money?
      by jpucng62
      Just had tenants move out of a property after 2 years. Always paid on time, perfectly pleasant young family who have now bought their own home BUT:

      House was grimy - looks like they didn't clean properly in 2 years rather than anything overtly unpleasant
      Garden was left in a mess...
      27-01-2022, 17:20 PM
    • Reply to Deducting Cleaning Costs from Deposit
      by Hooper
      To be honest I picked that rule up on this forum - I've heard it over and over. I'm probably guilty of having repeated it myself! If an error gets repeated enough in a small community it becomes fact!...
      27-01-2022, 19:36 PM
    • Deducting Cleaning Costs from Deposit
      by Piffy
      I use a Letting Agent. Recently the tenants vacated, prior to the tenants leaving when the letting agent did an inspection they advised the tenants that the property would need cleaning before they vacated. The tenants have now left, the place does need a good clean, the Letting Agents have said that...
      27-01-2022, 11:30 AM
    • Reply to Is time more important than money?
      by royw
      Haha, I might just try that one 😁. I hate housework....
      27-01-2022, 18:43 PM
    • Reply to Is time more important than money?
      by JK0
      I thought it would be our fault in some way....
      27-01-2022, 18:30 PM
    • Reply to Is time more important than money?
      by Lawcruncher
      There are those who follow Quintin Crisp: “There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn't get any worse.” Equally, there are those who are obsessive about cleaning. In the middle somewhere is a group who do not feel inclined to take great care of a rented...
      27-01-2022, 18:24 PM
    • Reply to Deducting Cleaning Costs from Deposit
      by Lawcruncher
      There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and in some cases a significant number of people come to believe it. The bank.charges affair was a classic case. Another was the belief that landlord's were obliged to mitigate their loss when a tenant abandons property and owes rent....
      27-01-2022, 18:06 PM
    • Reply to Tenant has moved partner in.
      by ash72
      Most likely, also depending on the age and sex of the children, they will need separate rooms eventually, so wont be a long term T. Get ready to serve notice. I would also check your insurance policy, as I renewed one of my policies recently, and I was just checking if they would still cover me if I...
      27-01-2022, 18:02 PM
    • Tenant has moved partner in.
      by Alison Laws
      My tenant who is 4 months into her tenancy agreement has moved her partner in without permission and Im wondering can use this to issue a new tenancy agreement with his name on it. She isn't the easiest tenant and I would also like to add an agreement break to the new tenancy because of the difficulty...
      27-01-2022, 15:30 PM