Tenant abandoned property but asking DPS for deposit.

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    Tenant abandoned property but asking DPS for deposit.

    Dear Forum,

    I served a tenant in person (under door / witnessed) who had built up 8 weeks of arrears on moving into a property on the 9th Sep 2018 in England.

    I last saw the tenant a month ago, who assured me that rent would be forthcoming, but no rent paid, so Section 8 notice was served.

    Tenant has not been at the property for a number of weeks, but just got an email from DPS as he wants his deposit back.

    My question is, would other landlords re-let as the tenant has clearly told the DPS he wants the deposit back, so clearly indicating that he no longer lives there.

    It just saves me having to apply to the courts and wait months to get a court order, for a property that has been abandoned and lose thousands in lost rent and fees.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Might still be a trap... What has he told the council regarding liability for council tax?
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      Has the tenant left anything at the property?
      What is the condition like when you inspect?
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        Visited property, apart from normal rubbish all over the floor, tenant has left a pile of clothes, all of which have been cut up, slashed etc and are designer items, some brand new and also 2 weightlifting plates. Videoed room with 2 witnessess and have since cleaned room as room stunk of smoke and stale alcohol. Will store everything for a few months, but tenant I've been told has a history of doing this from a past work colleague.


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