Furnished flat turns out to be unfurnished

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    Furnished flat turns out to be unfurnished

    Hi I'd appreciate some advice here.

    I've rented a flat from a friend of a friend, no agent involved. Went to view it and was told that, asides from a couple of bits n bobs like a mirror or picture on the wall what I see is what I get.
    I was happy with what I saw, sans bits n bobs, and agreed to move in today.

    Move in day was today and indeed the flat is without the bits and bobs, and practically without anythingelse at all. Besides a mangy fridge freezer that wasn't there when I saw the property, the oven and sofa, everything is missing. Even light bulbs, bathroom cabinet, bed... The lot. I signed the tenancy agreement at my house, but noticed that nothing was listed under inventory. It doesn't say "no furnishing" it's just a blank space. To be honest I didn't really care as my friend recommended me so I thought everything would be OK. But I'm not OK. I can't afford to buy the furnishings, but I don't want to risk losing my landlords favour, or my mate who recommended me. I've asked the landlord about it and so far he's said that he can't get hold of the the nant.

    What do I do now? Really need good advice here. I think I may have been stupid

    Is this a sublet situation? What does the tenancy agreement say about furniture? Have u paid up front?


      There is no clear definition of of part or unfurmished.
      What extras were you expecting for furnished?
      Sight as seen acceptance may be crucial


        Since it is 'a friend' you are renting from then surely you can ask where the furniture is or say you made a mistake and want out of the agreement.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


          Originally posted by Johnnyd View Post
          I've asked the landlord about it and so far he's said that he can't get hold of the the nant.
          Sounds like the previous tenant stole it all.

          If you were told "what you see is what you get", then that forms part of the contract, even if not written.
          LL is obliged to give you what was contracted.


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