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    Old £1 coin electric meter

    My landlord recently changed the meter to another £1 coin machine. Takes both new/old coins.

    Now, my problem is since it has been installed - Last Friday, I have used an extortionate amount of coins in it to keep the electric on. How do I read the dial to tell me what it is set on pls?

    1 dial says kwh per division...guessing that is the one I should be reading to tell me?

    It is set on rate B - what is the difference please?

    Thank you

    Just reading this thread...I am the tenant with no hot water or heating...plus shower leaks! I moved in on the 01/009/18 and not had either since then...at all. Plus LL has recently changed the electric meter to an old £1 coin (new/old coins accepted) and now I am paying a huge amount for my electric. in 3 days I have so far put £18 in the meter...I'm guessing this is wrongly set? Not sure how to read what I am being charged for etc ;/

    What are my rights as a tenant? please


      Unless you are the specific tenant of the original poster, you should start your own thread (on the other hand, the landlord should not have started two threads).

      It is illegal to charge you for electricity at more than the rate at which the landlord, themselves, is being charged.



        I would guess the rate refers to the time of day, for something like economy 7 tariffs. A unit is always exactly one kWH.

        I imagine the meter will be similar to those used by electricity companies and they provide information on how to read meters.


          The landlord is not allowed to profit from supplying electricity.

          I suggest you find out how much landlord is paying per kwh, then use that to work out how much you should be paying.

          If you are heating the house with a electrical heater, it will cost quite a lot.


            What Is 'old' 1 GB coin meter got to do with your query?


              Originally posted by basslinebargains View Post
              My landlord recently changed the meter to another £1 coin machine.
              This suggests that you were already on a £1 meter.

              How have the costs changed?


                Google the Make/Model number of the meter, and find out how to read it.
                Then find out how much the landlord is being charged for electric, and go from there.

                Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


                  Is there anything in your tenancy contract about not changing the meter? If not then I think that there is nothing to stop you asking the electricity supplier to change it back to a standard meter and for you to set up an account


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