Bailiff eviction - tenant left possessions behind

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    Bailiff eviction - tenant left possessions behind

    Have just attended bailiff eviction where tenant has only partially moved possessions out. I said he had until the locks were changed to move out as much as they could and then we'd have to arrange a time to pick up whatever else they wanted to take. I'm now in a quandary as to how to approach allowing them to pick up remaining possessions . Am nervous about letting them back into the property on a few grounds - 1: what if they then take hours and mess me around and potentially do further damage to the property out of vengeance (property is a complete mess as it is ) . 2: what if I cant get them out and I've allowed them to enter. 3. General personal safety concerns for myself - I didn't mind being there today as the bailiff was there but have serious concerns about meeting him and his friends on my own.

    Would appreciate advice on how to approach please based on other people's experiences and also my legal obligations regarding their possessions

    Create inventory with a lot of photos, then store them somewhere outside of the house.

    Like garage or annex if you have one in your house, then supervise during access to make sure they don't do anything.

    If you want extra safe, ship them all to a storage facility (pay for 1 month) then give them access to that.



      ​​Change the locks immediately.
      You should have done that with the bailiffs there.
      That's priority number one.

      Next time, don't allow them to go away and come back, tell them to take everything now.
      The bailiff's visit wasn't a surprise and they had an opportunity to move stuff out prior to being evicted.
      They might not be able to, but it's the optimal outcome.

      You want to agree that only one person can return and they'll be handed things from inside.
      Or, you can put everything outside and they can take it all.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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        I am very sorry to hear that.

        You may be able to call the police for malicous damage.

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        Further to my earlier post

        the tennants have knocked a wall that supports the exterior roof for a bay fronted roof

        in th garden I can see they have ripped the toilet out and and windows

        possessing hearing is 1st is may

        they are gona destroy the house...
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        Tell the tenant the property is not suitable for their lifestyle and invite them to leave, s21 if they dont.
        19-04-2019, 21:45 PM
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        Thanks all. I suspect leaving the whisper quiet extractor fan on will fix the problem. Hard to tell because he hasn't left it on. And if he turns that off he'll turn off a PIV system too.

        MdeB - yes Jpkeates is right. Warmer air can hold more moisture so there's more water to condense...
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        The moisture that's in the air has to go somewhere, if the updated insulation has closed off where it used to escape, it'll hang around until it finds a cooler surface to condense on.

        If a damp expert declined to do anything about it, that suggests that whatever they could do, they knew...
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