Estranged husband moved into buy to let!!

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    Estranged husband moved into buy to let!!

    Hello, I’m hoping you might be able to help.
    My estranged husband and I agreed to move out of the marital home in 2017 and let it out with BTL mortgage to pay for rent on separate flats. The tenants however left early amid accusations that he kept visiting the property and intimidating them. New tenants were found and due to move in on 22/10 but the ex took it upon himself to move back into the property, change the locks and not even allow the final check out to be undertaken by the agents. A large deposit was lost as a result, the new tenants had to be rehomed, their fees refunded and the previous tenants are looking to sue for breach of contract (their tenancy was still running up until the new tenants moved in). So he is now living in the property, in breach of the mortgage conditions and has left me very vulnerable with regards to rent being paid to me. On top of this he is talking about getting lodgers in.
    I have spoken to solicitors and am hoping to get an order to force the sale, but I was just wondering if anyone had any advice please.
    Thanks for your time.

    What exactly is the question, you have a solicitor and you are aiming to sell the property, once this is done you can move on.


      Who owns the Property, signed the B2L Mortgage Deed?
      How did estranged hubby get the keys?
      Was he listed as joint LL?


        The tenants however left early amid accusations that he kept visiting the property and intimidating them.

        Could tenants take legal action for harassment?


          Flashback - how would that help the OP? Unless fully documented and reported at the time it is unlikely that the Police would be interested anyway.
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            yeah that just doesn't sound right. Did she sign any other paperwork e.g. to say she'd received the PI or agreed the inventory?

            If not and you put her on the tenancy now, you're opening a can of worms if you end up having to evict them.

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          • Reply to Visit to home with no notice - advice please
            ... and reminding them that you have a right to change the locks and follow a formal complaints procedure to their redress scheme if it happens again.

            Do keep the original locks to reinstate at the end of the property though.

            Actually, you might want to install an internal...
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