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    btw - theartfullodger... photos not of much use really. When agent and myself entered (front door was open behind the broken osb) we had to clamber through rooms over metre and more high piles of furniture that had been overturned, contents emptied from wardrobes/cupboards/drawers and strewn about. House certainly wasn't as the tenant would have last seen it and no way of knowing what, if anything, had been taken. We took many photos but it all just shows the disarray. He couldn't argue if anything *is* missing - could have gone at any time. Even SOCO and forensics said there was nothing they could do.


      Are you cut out to be a LL?
      You only have to store Ts contents for max 3 months and they can be added to what T owes you, when you file PCoL.


        Depends what you mean by that question. Taking a massive-loss-making multi-property portfolio, many long term empties some entirely derelict, and turning the business into something where all were renovated and satisfactorily fully let, and making a liveable profit in less than five years of my taking them over, doesn't seem like too shabby an achievement. As I said earlier, this is the first time I've come up against this severity of problem in fifteen years. In your opinion Mariner, what does it take to be a landlord?


          Did I miss a post where the tenancy had been surrendered? If not then its ongoing and you can't remove the tenants goods until you've obtained possession. That could take a while anyway.

          Have you checked with your insurance company that your policy includes malicious damage?


            Ist para - indeed it hasn't, hence the dilemma. Am covered for malicious damage but the clock's obviously ticking for being unoccupied and the limitations which that will bring.


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            • How do you handle the Tenant Fees ban?
              Now that LL can't charge for on-boarding fees such as inventory and credit checks, how do you handle these fees?
              Do you absorb them? increase the rent? Ask tenants to turn up with their own credit checks in hand?

              I found asking potential tenants to pay a (reasonable) fee for a credit...
              17-07-2019, 08:38 AM
            • Reply to How do you handle the Tenant Fees ban?
              From the government's site;

              You may ask a tenant to provide information which supports you to carry out a reference check, such as:
              • bank statements – to assess a tenant’s income and ability to pay rent
              • a reference from a previous landlord (you cannot ask a tenant
              17-07-2019, 10:12 AM
            • Reply to How do you handle the Tenant Fees ban?
              They have:

              That's also a "Prohibited Payment"
              You can't require a tenant to pay a 3rd party or enter into a contract with a 3rd party.

              Which I think rules out asking them to turn up with a credit report of their own.
              Plus, the credit report would...
              17-07-2019, 09:07 AM
            • How best to handle a "pet" issue?
              Our tenants have been in our rental for nearly 4 years without issue. The original fixed term tenancy agreement gave way to a periodic tenancy. The tenants have been good, if rather untidy!

              Over the weekend while performing some maintenance while the tenants were away on holiday for a...
              16-07-2019, 10:04 AM
            • Reply to How best to handle a "pet" issue?
              That's not quite correct.
              The knowledge without action might impact any damages in a legal claim against the tenant, but it doesn't change the terms of the contract or permit the breach.

              In reality, the landlord has seen some damage, some pet food and something that might be droppings....
              17-07-2019, 09:00 AM
            • New carpets
              hello I have been in my rented property for 10 years now and the carpets are freying (I’ve resorted to gaffa tape) they are coming away at every door tred and even at the stairs. I have contacted the letting agent several times and they don’t even get back to me! Am I responsible for getting new...
              16-07-2019, 17:50 PM
            • Reply to New carpets
              Most carpets won't last more than 10 years and the landlord should replace them (as a matter of routine, really).
              It doesn't matter if the rent has increased or not.

              Legally the position is vague, because carpets are seen as a furnishing (oddly).
              17-07-2019, 08:57 AM
            • Tenant referencing

              I'm just wondering if letting agents can with hold tenant references if I try and obtain a reference about a potential tenant myself aswell as getting a reference company to so the Same? I currently pay someone to do the referencing however for the 'previous landlord/agent' reference...
              16-07-2019, 12:34 PM
            • Reply to Tenant referencing
              Depends on what the tenant said up front to explain it (unless they're very young).

              Young people typically don't have much history that's positive for credit rating.
              My son has a middling credit rating, but that's because he doesn't have any credit to speak of.

              If someone...
              17-07-2019, 08:52 AM
            • Reply to How do you handle the Tenant Fees ban?
              What if you charge at cost (which is what I do anyway?) ie no profit for me and tenant pays the company themselves
              17-07-2019, 08:47 AM