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    Providing references


    We’ve always been lucky with landlords. But now we are about to complete a tenancy with a landlord that has been a bit of a stinker. Among other things they refuse to provide a reference. We rent privately, not through an agent. We understand they have no obligation to provide us with a reference. Don’t really want to discuss current landlord. What we want to know is what else we can do to provide evidence we are good tenants.

    We we have plenty of good references from prior landlords. We always pay on time, never been in arrears and are both well paid professionals. We keep the property in good order (we have a cleaner and care about property as if our own) We are quiet and considerate neighbours. We are always courteous and reasonable in dealings with our landlord.

    As a landlord what sort of evidence would be acceptable for referencing without having a reference from our current landlord?
    Options include:
    References from 2-3 previous rentals
    Bank statements proving payment

    Anything I am overlooking?

    Thank you

    I think what you propose is acceptable. There are some on this site who never supply refs. I am a bit 50/50 about it myself.

    Showing continuity of rent payments and passing referencing should suffice and if you have refs from previous landlords then that is an asset.

    What was the problem with this landlord?

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Indeed: And invite new landlord to visit where you are now. If it's tidy, clean, may help.
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        A new good reference from immediately preceding LL is better than one from current LL imo; previous LL has nothing to gain; current LL may want rid of tenant.


          How odd, we would always reply same day to a reference enquiry sent with a stamped addressed envelope, albeit that the information we'd provide is very simple such as whether the rent is paid on time and whether there are any arrears at the time of writing.


            Interlaken - we’ve been left with no hot water/oven/washing machine/dishwasher/fridge during this tenancy. Haven’t had a day off something being broken since we moved in. One bathroom can’t be used because of cheap Chinese fittings that they refuse to replace. There is a leak in the en suite. There is rot and mould in the bedroom, damp around electric sockets and plaster falling off the wall. They refuse to address it despite numerous attempts. We realise now they plastered over the problem between tenancies and played innocent when we raised it when we first moved in. Then there’s the radio silences etc it goes on and on...

            It’s exhausting tbh so I just want to focus on being a good tenant and getting out with a minimum of drama.

            Thanks everyone for the advice. It does help.


              Originally posted by flyingfreehold View Post
              How odd, we would always reply same day to a reference enquiry sent with a stamped addressed envelope, albeit that the information we'd provide is very simple such as whether the rent is paid on time and whether there are any arrears at the time of writing.
              Yes, unfortunately this landlord is unreliable and has gone incommunicado before.


                The above suggestions are all very good. You clearly won’t have much trouble convincing any reasonable person that you are a reliable tenant.

                However (and I know this’ll be quoted back at me in the future), many agent aren’t at all reasonable. For many, referencing is left to a third party and it’s black and white. You either supply what the referencing company ask for or you don’t pass.

                What I think you need to find is either an independent agent or a private landlord with experience. Someone who can and will make a decision based on the evidence provided to them.

                A lettings manager for a corporate agency won’t be given this kind of freedom.


                  Hi Hants Agent, that’s very disheartening to hear as it seems to me all properties in my area are let through an agent and all agents have a third party referencing service. Is there something I’m missing in my search strategy? How do I find something let by a private landlord?

                  Going by your comment it sounds like it will be impossible for us to take on a new tenancy without a reference. Will we become homeless? I’m now very very worried.


                    The agents I use operate in the real world and wouldn't have a problem with your situation and neither would I as a landlord. One of my current tenants couldn't provide a reference because she didn't live in the UK prior to this tenancy and was in a relationship living where she was not the tenant but she's been fine.


                      Talk to the agent, they should pass the info on to the landlord who can make their own decisions.
                      A good agent will have seen and heard it all before... They may even have dealt with other ex-tenants of this LL, or even dealt with the LL.


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