Letting Agent Charging For A New Carpet

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    Letting Agent Charging For A New Carpet

    We have recently moved out of a rented property, however we are losing our deposit over a carpet dispute. We accidently burnt the carpet with an iron, and told the letting agent we would replace the carpet. He sent us the receipt of what was bought last time. Unfortunately, the carpet has been discontinued so we got one of similar quality and colour. The letting agent was OK with this. However, the carpet we bought was not wide enough for the room. When it was fitted last time, carpet was borrowed from the hallway carpet to fill the gap. We just followed the measurements on the receipt. Our insurers based our claim on said receipt. Our landlord got arsey, and said what we were given was a guide (none of his e-mails stated this) and we should have double checked the measurements. But the receipt said Lounge - 4.6x4m and that is what we ordered. The carpet fitter, tried his best to patch up old carpet with new, however old is slightly darker and now letting agent is charging us for a completely new carpet. I feel this is unfair as we replaced on the measurements given.

    Firstly, it was never a requirement for you to replace the carpet with a new one in the first place. You have to compensate the landlord for the loss of value in the original carpet, taking account of its age. I've no idea how old the original carpet was but this would probably have been substantially cheaper. However, you've now messed up on replacing the carpet and I can see why the landlord feels that what you've done is inadequate. For one thing, what's happened to the hallway now? Anyway, I would say you are obliged to rectify the problem as you've removed and presumably disposed of the original carpet.


      Pics of old and new carpet together


        We did originally offer to just pay the letting agent the insurance money and for them to replace the carpet when it was due. However, letting agent just said it was easier if we could do ourself. The hallway and living room were both laid together so spare hallway carpet was used in the living room. We were not told this. we just followed what was bought last time. We used part of old carpet with new and I have posted up photos of this.


          Oh dear!
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            Originally posted by DPT57 View Post
            Oh dear!
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            Do you think I have a leg to stand on? when it goes to the deposit dispute service?


              You might well as sadly they don't tend to to favour claims for cosmetic damage from landlords.


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