Landlord wants hire professionnal cleaner for “light dust”

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    Landlord wants hire professionnal cleaner for “light dust”

    Hi everyone, I wanted to have your advice on a few things. I checked out from my flat yesterday.

    My landlord wanted me to hire a professionnal cleaner for the flat and one for the windows. I read the contract and saw that I was only required to get pros for the windows. So I decided to clean the flat myself. It was spotless and she sent me loads of text messages saying it was lovely when she had future tenants coming to look at it.

    Now, after check out, we had someone who reviewed the flat from a neutral third party “smart inventory”. They wrote, at almost every occasion “light dust - clean and charge to tenant”. Which I find ridiculous.

    In the check in, there is absolutely nothing about how clean it is, you can’t avoid light dust, what is it anyway? It sure does feel like they’re trying to get everything they can from it, it wasn’t dirty. Professionals won’t avoid “light dust”.

    She wants to hire a professionnal for four hours, and charge me, for light dust?

    I wanted to know, what can I do?

    Has the deposit been returned to you or still with the LL? If with the landlord, I would suggest they put in claim and you dispute it, that way an independent assessor will then most likely side on your side, as if the property was vacant before the new tenant moves in, there's always going to be some sort of dusting on surfaces.


      Thanks for your answer. How do I put it in claim? Is there some kind of legal stuff to do?


        First contact TDS, before going down the legal route.


          Ok thanks, so you know how I contact TDS? Is there like an email?


            Details are in the information that your landlord was legally obliged to give you at the start of the tenancy ("the prescribed information"), although you could always look them on Google.


              Dispute the charge with DPS, a light dusting should be 30minutes of cleaner time, roughly 20-30quid at best in my past experience.

              You are not obliged to hire pro, or anyone for that matter, just ensure the condition of the property is the same as when you moved in.


                Do you know what subjective 'light dust' means?
                Details of move in/out inspection reports for comparison?


                  Thank you so much everyone for your help. Really helpful 🙏!
                  mariner there is nothing in the move in report regarding cleanliness. It’s either “working/not working” or “scuffs, dents” and genuinely, the flat was in an amazing condition when I left it. I even have text for the landlord thanking me for the tidiness while she was having viewings.


                    Another question for you guys...

                    My landlord said last Thursday that we needed to discuss hiring a professionnal cleaner and sort the deposit. I emailed her three times on different days to get to her. She answered saying we could discuss this today. Still nothing.

                    what shall I do? I still don’t know what she wants from me apart from cleaners, should I get in touch with TDS already or wait until I hear back? Because I feel like she would have done everything already even though we I am not ok with that. The deposit hasn’t been gave back to me too.


                      Get in touch with TDS and tell them the landlord is not cooperating


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