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    Inspection Letter

    InspectionSeptember 2018

    to read sounds like house is falling apart, I just want clarification on the below points, and will provide photos if possible .
    we resigned a new AST, which was after year 1. and no photos exsist only the first AST, and garden and house are of a high clean condition, I thought a deep clean happens at end of tenancy not part way through second year.

    Here are my findings from Saturdays Inspection.

    The grass in the garden is full of weeds and is not being taken care of. The grass was not in this condition on moving into the property so it needs to be sorted immediately please.
    The weeds kill the grass and that will mean replacing the grass if not addressed now. I suggest removing all the weeds as soon as possible, mowing regularly and fertilizing it so hopefully it returns to its original condition. If not it will need to be replaced at a cost.

    2. The bathroom looks like it has not being cleaned to a good standard, there are mould patches forming in the silicon and this is due to lack of cleaning and care. The shower screen is covered in lime scale and the seal/guard on the bottom of the screen is very green with algae and lime scale. Lime scale has built up in the joints of the screen hinge and very difficult to clean if left for so long. The toilet is discoloured or stained in the bottom of the bowl and needs to be cleaned white as presented when moving in. the bathroom now needs a professional deep clean and then kept clean going forward. 2 plastic silver screw caps from the towel heater were missing and need to be replaced. Do you have these?

    3. The kitchen is also not being looked after or kept clean, the broken cupboard hinge and broken top drawer is a real concern, this is not wear and tear damage and looks like it has been forced somehow to allow the hinge to rip out the door and the rear of the drawer to break. It really should be fixed by replacing the door completely as the screw holes have stripped out but I have managed to glue it for now and hope it holds otherwise it will need to be replaced which will be at a cost. The door should have been removed if there was something wrong with it. The top kitchen drawer has been broken, how the rear of the top drawer broke in half concerns me. Really this should have been replaced with a new part at a cost. The bottom drawer rails have come loose, on the left side there was only 1 screw left still attached but also loose. From still using the drawer this way it has damaged the timber and chipped out and stripped the screw holes. I have cleaned it up and added more screws to hold them in place and strengthen it again. When a drawer seems like it is not functioning properly then please stop using it and investigate to prevent damage. All items in the drawer should be removed to avoid any further damage. I need to be made aware of this immediately.

    I have come around to fix these items but they are not in the same condition they were found when you moved in. Please take extra care in the kitchen going forward to prevent any further damages
    Many kitchen cupboards doors have dirty spills on them and left that way which again is a concern. All spillages on any kitchen cupboards, furniture, walls, floor must be cleaned straight away to prevent damage. The drawers must not be overloaded with heavy pots, drawer hinges can only handle a certain weight so please keep heavy dishes/pots in the cupboards.

    4. The waste pipe for the kitchen sink has now been replaced from the outside wall to the drain as it had perished.

    5. The under stairs cupboard is completely full and I was not able to inspect it as I could not enter. There were many items leaning up against the electrics circuit boxes and as previously mentioned this could cause damage to these items. This must be kept clear at all times, nothing should lean against the electrics.

    6. The 2nd Bedroom wall was inspected for damp, at the time of inspection there was no damp but there has not been rain for a while and summer was very dry and hot. The wall has got damp in wet months due to a roof leak. A roofer was contracted to fix the issue but it but requires further attention and will be undergoing further work in the next couple weeks to resolve it.

    The house needs to be cleaned to a very high standard as it was presented to you on moving in. No ammonia based products must be used on kitchen cupboards as they are timber. Please kept the house clean going forward as outlined in the contract. I will be doing an inspection more regularly to make sure the property is kept in good condition.

    Please can you get back to me with some dates when the items mentioned (1,2,3,5,7) will be addressed and the professional clean will take place so I can return for a second inspection. I would like to return to re-inspect in a couple weeks.



    I'm assuming that the house you rent is the LL's former home - that would explain a lot.

    It also reads like the person that did the inspection - again I'm assuming it was the LL themselves, did the inspection without anyone present, taking that from the tone and tense of the wording.

    I am a tenant and I would be pretty annoyed with that as an inspection report. Its very subjective and emotive. Fair enough to list things that are missing and/or broken and to discuss the general quality of the place, but that is very, very judgemental and the writer seems to think that scolding you is the right course of action.

    I have no real advice to add unfortunately, hopefully others will come along to help, but if i was in your shoes I would also not be happy. As long as you return the property AT THE END of the tenancy in a satisfactory condition as pre-agreed and pay for anything you should, then everything else comes across like a bitter homeowner rather than a professional LL.


      Thank you, my feelings as well.

      LL is just in my opinion protecting his home, it was intact his house.

      My thoughts were same, I have a deposit and I am expected to return the property in the same state I was presented it in , which leads to my next question.

      the first AST had 100,s of photos and was very very thorough.

      a year into the tenancy we signed a new AST, just a standard paper, no photos etc, so new AST does not show state or condition of house on new AST date.
      I am not looking for an angle as the house is perfect for us and we love it and have a good relationship with LL, but I feel the new AST does not show what things were like after a year, and this is the AST we would refer to in a dispute over the deposit?
      is that correct or wrong ?


        Originally posted by Pstacey1982 View Post
        My thoughts were same, I have a deposit and I am expected to return the property in the same state I was presented it in ,
        Less fair wear and tear. This bit is important. A new kitchen fitted at start, after 3 years you wouldnt be expected to return a new kitchen, but one with 3 years of normal use. Same applies for the whole property.

        Dont sweat it, the deposit is protected in one of the big schemes (is it?) and they wont allow any silliness and will step in and fairly arbitrate any disputes.


          My understanding from lurking on this forum for years, is that the initial move in report IS what you will be benchmarked against when you move out, without a doubt and regardless of how many distinct AST's you have had in between.

          Inspection reports are useful for the LL to make sure the property is in not need of repair because they would fail anything they are legally obliged to provide, to make sure nothing untoward is happening (sub letting, growing weed, running a business).
          Inspection reports are useful for tenants because we can get a feel for what we may need to put right when we move out if we want a deposit back.

          You could take every internal door off if you wanted. As long as they were put back on when you moved out, then you have stuck to the contract. The LL may though use an inspection to think you were a bit weird and issue notice to get you out if they were that way inclined.

          Wear and tear is a calculation based on the expected lifetime of something, how long you have 'rented' it, and whether the wear/tear to it is excessive.

          1. As long as you leave the property with a decent, cut lawn then you are fine.
          2. Very rude of them to talk about your bathroom cleanliness. Yes, if 2 silver screw things are missing then replace them when you leave or expect to lose the cost of them from your deposit - other than that they should pipe down.
          3. Yes, a damaged kichen drawer/cupboard is likely to be your fault and something you should put right for when you leave, not by their 2 week timescales. As for cleanliness - rude/non of their business.
          4. Cheers for that
          5. Sod off
          6. Cheers for that
          7. See 5

          Of course, having the moral high ground doesn't really mean all that much. Arguing and being confrontational will likely leave you on bad terms which is never nice, and they may be that emotive about their old home that they issue you a S21. Thats their right. What does the AST say about inspections.

          Just as much as its your right to live how you please, and/or find somewhere else if it suits you.

          I'd probably be diplomatic and say that of course any damage/items missing will be replaced when you leave, that you are grateful for them fixing what is theirs to fix, and you would really appreciate quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the property while you are renting.

          I've had some horrible LL and LA in my time but current LL is great. We have been there 6 years. My wife emailed them last week to say the oven wasn't hot enough (I know) - basically was taking much longer than it used to for a meal to cook. They replaced it within 5 days without inspecting or asking anything. Also in a quarterly inspection they saw we had some mould and grout issues in a bathroom that we were really trying to stay on top of - not our fault, just through ventilation problems, and they proactively emailed us asking if they could send someone round to rectify.

          Just trying to show how it should work - LL keeps us happy tenants, while also helping us to keep certain things fresh and in good repair. But other than that its our home and they leave us to it... But they are a professional LL and have no emotional attachment.

          good luck with this!


            LL is really nice guy, and in 2 years all has been great.

            I think he may be going over the top with his comments but also just doing what he feels is correct.

            I am happy to clean various parts and will continue this way, the property is perfect for us and I do not think it's to get us out, just very anal and unealistic in these expectations. the house is very clean, things can be replaced like a shower seal which I have done, and limescale was a 5 min job.

            I will reply and I am not looking to question things with LL as nothing matches this property in my area and our needs. so I want to tread lightly as most of these points I have fixed quickly and easily.

            Deposit is held correctly and protected.


              Fair wear and tear is avaluated over the whole lease, not individual tenancy by tenancy.

              While some of that is annoying and intrusive, the point about the lawn is actually a good one. Once the lawn has “gone” and the weeds have taken oater getting it back isn’t easy. You can deep clean and sort issues with fixtures and fittings, but you can’t fix a lawn as easily.

              That’s more gardening advice than property. Loss beyond fair wear and tear on a garden is also a bugger to claim against. Weeds just grow, grass just dies.

              General advice, never rent a property that the landlord or their family used to live in.
              When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
              Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


                You are within your rights to ignore his letter and tell him that you intend to clean it thoroughly when you leave and not before. He will, of course be unlikely to agree a further renewal so I guess it depends just how much you like the property.


                  Originally posted by jpkeates View Post
                  While some of that is annoying and intrusive, the point about the lawn is actually a good one. Once the lawn has “gone” and the weeds have taken oater getting it back isn’t easy. You can deep clean and sort issues with fixtures and fittings, but you can’t fix a lawn as easily.

                  A very good point.

                  Some basic maintenance on the lawn will pay dividends.. give it a dawn good rake once or twice a year to lift any thatch. buy grass seed and once a year and scatter it over the lawn in the autumn or spring. Mow regularly, its very easy if you do it often, if you ignore it and it gets too long its a nightmare job! Regular mowing keeps the weeds down.

                  Looking at the size of lawn in the picture, mowing once a week would take ~20 minutes.
                  Raking it over will take a bit longer but is a once a year job.
                  Overseeding it takes about the same time as mowing.

                  And there is something very satisfying about a nice lawn (well, to me... Maybe that says something about me!)


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