Suicidal over tenants claim please help

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    I just think theres a societal problem, society keeps training lawyers, but doesn't increase the court time available, so they need to find work somewhere, that's why they chase down work ....

    similar universities keep increasing fees to the max they are allowed, then when a parent complains about the level of work undertaken in the first year, and how that is assessed, the response is that the first year is really just about 'settling in' and no real output is required. yet the real reason is that they don't offer two year courses as that would reduce their income streams !!

    its just a money go round, and people like Alice get dragged into it, yes sure, she might not be fully competent in the line of business she has chosen, but if the tenants had abided by their side of the agreement, she wouldn't have had to go through all this !


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