Can anyone shedlight on likely cost of passing possession order to the High Court

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    Can anyone shedlight on likely cost of passing possession order to the High Court

    Good evening, I recently issued a section 21 (which I assume is valid, everything in place) I was wondering how much it would be if I am successful in getting a possession order to transfer it to the High Court for a faster, no notice eviction. My thoughts are that it may give the tenants 'less opportunity' to damage the property immediately prior to eviction

    In the scheme of things it is not expensive, at all. Make sure you get leave to use HC enforcement at the original hearing of your possession application in the county court, or that will require a separate application.

    HCEO's can no longer turn up unannounced: the tenant gets notice of the application for the issue of the Writ. You need to know the current wait for a CC bailiff's appointment, given that any HCEO is going to charge you a four-figure sum, and bust a gut to sting you with 'extras' like a locksmith. (Get your own!), you need to weigh up, carefully, whether you are going to gain anything.

    When I evicted a tenant, last year, the HCEO was proposing to bugger off, having knocked on the door and been told by the tenant to bugger off. I wasn't impressed by that approach.


      I think you have been watching a certain television series. In the closing credits there is a statement that practice reflected the law as it stood at the time that they were filmed. My understanding is that the law has changed, and High Court evictions are no longer no notice ones.


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        In my experience, food left in the property becomes inedible within a day
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        The rent to guide is correct, but the guide is referring to when a tenant does not owe monies, but this question is for when there is monies owed by the T, when the LL is owed monies (rent arrears) they HAVE to keep the items for 3 months, and try and find the T and if successful then serve the notice...
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        Lord Denning no less answered that very question: The tenant must take proper care of the place. He must, if he is going away for the winter, turn off the water and empty the boiler. He must clean the chimneys, where necessary, and also the windows. He must mend the electric light when it fuses. He...
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        The goverment 'how to rent' booklet gives a figure of two weeks, which I think is reasonable.
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