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    I rent a leasehold flat with two parking spaces our landlord does not hold the freehold but the other flats do so they have formed a management company. I currently store my bike in the carport where there is a large space not in use and not obstructing anything and its not a parking space however ive been told that the lease states no bikes to be stored in communal areas so have been told I have to take it up two flights of stairs and into the flat however if i have two parking spaces and am only using one for the car can i park my bicycle in my other space as this is not communal?

    I think you are heading for a confrontational situation where the management company will end up going by the letter of the lease. You need to try and negotiate this on a friendly basis and get them to agree that it is generally in everyone's best interests rather than try to interpret re-interpret the lease and just do it.

    Note that the management company probably look down on your landlord because he wasn't prepared to put his money into buying the freehold, which I suspect how this situation with only some leaseholders being shareholders came about.

    The other concern they may have is that any bending of the rules will be the thin end of the edge.


      One thing you should do is to obtain a copy of your landlord's lease. If all else fails, it won't cost very much from the Land Registry (roughly £12).

      In an ideal world, landlords would give tenants copies before the tenant signed up, and would include terms in the tenancy agreement requiring you to comply with the restrictions in the lease (unless the tenancy agreement is more restrictive). However, in the real world landlords don't read the lease, themselves.


        Originally posted by Denise Lopez View Post
        however if i have two parking spaces and am only using one for the car
        Put the bike in the car, or on a boot mounted cycle carrier if the car isn't big enough?


          " the lease states no bikes to be stored in communal areas"

          The communal areas would imply the internal areas of the property. Not the grounds of the property.

          Who do the parking spaces belong to? Are they free for all or are they allocated to a specific flat?

          A cycle will scuff the walls with tyre marks, as you are carrying it up the stairs.

          Some local councils are installing 'bike hangers' on the street.


            Communal areas are all areas, both inside and out, that are accessible to all leaseholders.


              You should take this up with your landlord.


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