Can further/additional MCoL's be issued?

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    Can further/additional MCoL's be issued?

    I have asked this question within another thread, but rather than hijack that thread I have decided to as the question on specific thread instead. That thread related to when a MCoL should be issued and the general response was when the tenancy and occupation had ended.

    However , I would like to ask, why cant a subsequent MCoL be issued - is there anything that says only one MCoL can be issued against a particular tenant? I envisage adding something in a pre action letter that gives the debtor 14 days to pay, but highlights that the debt is escalating on a daily basis

    as an example

    current debt stands at xxxxx

    should the debt not be settled immediately, then the debt will rise by xxxx per day based on rent @ xxxx per day for each day the property continues to be occupied by yourselves until the debt is settled in full.

    I think that meets the requirement of pre action of clearly informing the debtor of how much they owe.

    alternatively could a MCoL be initiated, relating to how much is owed up to a certain point and then a subsequent one issued for the outstanding, if any, monies, on the basis that the initial debt was settled in full, but now further debts have arisen?

    I understand that a section 8 SHOULD also be issued, which delivers the same outcome. I have issued a Section 21 but am also happy to further issue a section 8 and then decide which one to pursue

    any advice or information (confirmation of subsequent MCoL's being issued etc would be helpful)

    You would be failing to mitigate your legal costs, so there might be a risk of costs being awarded against you in the subsequent claims.


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