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    Managing a property from afar

    Hi all

    Does anyone manage a property that is not very close to where they live? How do they go about it? I.e.
    do you have a list of tradesmen and if something goes wrong you contact them to go and have a look at the problem?

    Also when the tenant leaves, I assume you get a check out clerk to do the inventory and do you arrange further cleaning with a cleaner if required?
    Where do you leave all the keys for the new tenants if for example the previous ones have lost some?

    Many thanks

    How far are you asking about? I still self-manage one property 505 miles away (1,010 round trip), 10 hours each way. Not recommended.

    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      I manage a couple 100 miles away. You need the number of at least 2 reliable plumbers and a handyman. I buy in agent 'tenant find' (for me to meet the applicants), inventory/inpsection and cleaning services (if necessary). The agent does the keys. All seems to work well. Having the property in good condition at the outset is important so there is less to go wrong.

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        I'm often abroad and self manage my UK properties. With modern communications, it makes no difference if I'm in the next street or next country. I wouldn't be turning up on the doorstep if there is a problem either way.
        I use local trusted professionals for routine repairs and emergencies.
        I select mature sensible tenants.
        Schedule inspections, maintenance, handovers/takeovers.
        On occasion, I use local letting agents I know well or friends and family.
        It can be inconvenient for me but that is the price I choose to pay. It takes organisation but makes no difference to the tenants.


          Have the right property: somewhere tenants will want to make their home and stay a long time.
          As with boletus, mature sensible tenants and a decent property.
          Talk to them; explain that you are in it for the long term (assuming you are) and when you might need to sell.
          Get confidence that they are right for you, or find someone else.
          be prepared for lower rent for right people, or keep rent the same for years to keep a good tenant.
          Get them to arrange tradesmen visits to suit them (after they have agreed it with you).
          Visit twice a year.

          I have a property about 100 miles away that has had the same family in for 9 years.
          They email me to say "X is a problem"; I normally email back "get Y to fix it and send me the invoice".
          When gas service is due I email them to get them to arrange service and safety certificate; they do it; gas engineer send me the bill, I pay and certificate is then sent.


            Originally posted by MdeB View Post
            certificate is then sent.
            gas engineer has a copy for tenant which they should leave in the property.

            Or are you saying you send it to them so then you've got proof you sent it?


              It’s entirely possible to self-manage a property from any distance, provided you know what you’re doing, follow the correct procedures and have a good knowledge of housing and landlord and tenant law.

              If you’re a novice, you can find yourself making costly mistakes regardless of how close you live to the property.


                Originally posted by tatemono View Post
                gas engineer has a copy for tenant which they should leave in the property.
                Tenant copy left with tenant; LL copy posted to me when I have paid.


                  Originally posted by MdeB View Post

                  Tenant copy left with tenant; LL copy posted to me when I have paid.
                  ah right... yeah. Got it.



                    How often do you schedule inspections please? Do you use a clerk for that? Thank you



                      Thanks for that! I am thinking of becoming a member of a Landlord service so I can get advice from them when I have tenant issues or questions.
                      The National Landlord Association comes to mind. Any other good ones that you think please?


                        Originally posted by kesm View Post

                        How often do you schedule inspections please? Do you use a clerk for that?
                        Depends entirely on the tenant and the property. With some, it isn't necessary at all after an initial inspection, others perhaps annually. But I'm very careful to select mature sensible tenants. And I have known the trades I use for decades and they will flag up a property if they think there's a problem when they visit.

                        Some local authorities insist landlords treat all tenants as irresponsible kids and inspect everywhere in the property, frequently, regardless of circumstances. I prefer to treat tenants as responsible adults.

                        I don't use a clerk for inspections, but sometimes do for handover/takeovers.


                          In my opinion, you should be using a local letting agent. You need to vet them. Read the T&Cs. Call them on a Sunday, and see if they have an emergency service number on their answering service.

                          You can self-manage, if the property was refurbished. Including preventative maintenance.

                          However, if the property is dated, it will have things going wrong every few months. That is a difficult to self-manage.

                          How do you know the tenant is n't wrecking your property? How do you know a builder you phoned up, is n't taking advantage of you?

                          From a legal viewpoint, if you have a letting agent, then some responsibility falls on them.



                            Thanks. I just prefer to self manage purely for the financial side of things so looking to see how others go about it.



                              Thank you. Do you do the inspections yourself?
                              Also are you a member of a governing body so you can get legal advice if needed? Like the NLA?


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