Tenants keep blocking toilets and drains

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    Tenants keep blocking toilets and drains

    Hi all.
    My tenants keep blocking the toilets and drains. We hired a company that cleaned the drains.

    When it happened again the estate agency suggested that we put a clause in the tenancy agreement that if they block the system again they will have to deal with it.
    They blocked one of the toilets, we hired a company who unblocked it and they found out that the tenants have flushed tampons, sanitary towels and wet wipes which is what caused the blocking and stated in the tenancy agreement that they should not be flushing it down the toilet.

    We bought them drain hole covers for the showers and kitchen but during the last inspection it was found that they removed them and there was a ton of food visible at the kitchen drains and hair down the showers.

    Now they contacted us again saying that they have to use drain cleaners every week and that the bathrooms smell of sewage in the morning.

    Is the responsibility for fixing this ours or theirs?

    Thank you

    Is this an HMO or normal rental?


      and if not an HMO is it a flat or a house?


        Drain cleaners won't shift wet wipes or sanitary towels.
        They'll very occasionally shift some grease and hair.

        I'd explain to the tenant that they'll need to arrange to have the drains cleaned.
        They have an obligation to maintain things in a tenant like manner (and this is beyond the implicit fair wear and tear in a tenancy agreement).

        If they're not happy with this, I'd offer to end the tenancy early so they can move somewhere else (and point out that the drains will need to be clear when they move out anyway).
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          It is not an HMO and it is a house. THank you


            Price in a rent increase for a plumbers monthly drain clean, plus a generous amount for your trouble.


              Then they pay you for your first plumber before you send him again.


                Section 21 notice and get rid of tenants. You can't keep dealing with ASB like this.

                Freedom at the point of zero............


                  Thanks! They pay a really good rent which is why I am concerned in what to do.


                    Originally posted by kesm View Post
                    Thanks! They pay a really good rent which is why I am concerned in what to do.
                    So you have to balance your income from T with your associated expenditure.


                      Originally posted by kesm View Post
                      Thanks! They pay a really good rent which is why I am concerned in what to do.
                      there's your problem. They think they can justify the hassle they cause you because they pay you well.


                        "drain cleaners every week" what are they putting in the drain should be of your concern no drain blocks within a week. I thought my ex tenant was excessive to call me every few months and finally I made a BG contract and they sorted her out saying there is too much grease going in and maybe tampons in the toilet which block the common drains.

                        now she is gone.

                        You will have to sort out the tenant as T is taking you for a ride and getting you to clear their mess.
                        How long have they have been there, has the rent increased since or not.

                        Not saying it will be the same for you....

                        give T the S21 (Make sure you have complied with the prescribed info before issuing S21)
                        then find another T to get possibly higher rent. Specially if the current T has been there for a long time the time span could demand higher rent.

                        Once my last T left I deco'd the place up and am soon to accept higher rent which will be paying for the past damage caused by the past T.

                        Even if you get lower rent the cost of calling plumber (@£70/call=£3650/yr) callout will be well worth it. Or give it to charity if you feel so generous her is my acc num and I wont even call you ever.


                          Tell them they are paying next time it blocks and give them the name of a good service to unblock it. As they pay you well give them a small bin and a packet of bin liners for the bathroom and tell them that will save them a lot of money.

                          You could consider a waste disposal unit for the kitchen sink - maybe offer to go half with them on it - but I wouldnt.


                            Waste disposal units are part of the problem and are illegal for businesses to use, in Scotland, and were scheduled for a similar ban in England, this year, although I can't find the legislation.



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