Landlord sending builders that cancel, work 1 hour a day & damage property

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    Landlord sending builders that cancel, work 1 hour a day & damage property

    Hello Everyone

    Sorry for the long explanation and thank you in advance for any help.

    I moved into a property 1st of September when I originally agreed to let the property in was still half finished however I was assured it would be done do transferred my money across.

    When I moved in I was still in construction , I had no choice as was starting a new job in the following 2 days.

    Since then the builder the landlord has organised has cancelled 5 times so far, however the day he did arrive he explained he would get 5-6 jobs done and clean up after himself, I even provided him with a industrial vacuum.

    I returned the next day to find no jobs completed , on top of this the place was in an absolute reck and my bed had been used as a cutting board.

    The landlord expect me to keep up after the builder and the builder to work any time he wants and for any duration. I’m constantly cleaning up after him so I have a livable space.

    I propose a rent reduction which was declined.

    I have no idea what to do, is the landlord allowed to organise work like this? Do I have any rights in terms of a liveable space or working times for building.

    Thank you



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      You are unlikely to get permission for a hole in the wall sooner than you can get a roofer to replace the roof vent.
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      If it is on the inventory and there is nothing to say that the T is responsible, then I would say it is the LL's responsibility.

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