Longest most secure tenancy available?

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    Originally posted by Arty1 View Post
    Thank you for your replies.

    I have explained our options to him and has said that he isn’t willing to go to a solicitor, (Very old school-stuck in his ways). This will leave me with less protection, but that’s the way it is unfortunately, do our best bet is now an assured tenancy. Where can one be purchased please?
    You could still go to a Solicitor yourself and seek independent advice.

    I am an Assured Tenant and in the situation where it is no longer the original Landlord. My current Landlord’s aim seems to be to try every which way to try and get rid of me and I have had his Solicitor trying to find creative ways and loopholes to achieve it. Even if he doesn't find a loophole I still have to keep engaging in legal games with him and have all the stress and hassle and feeling under threat. So if you go the assured tenancy route make sure you get the best advice possible from someone very knowledgeable in this area of law and be especially careful of how the rent increase clause is drafted.


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