Tenant request for additional glazing due to traffic noise

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  • Tenant request for additional glazing due to traffic noise

    I rent out a central London flat and have done for the past 10 years. I have a new tenant who is requesting additional glazing in one of the bedrooms due to the noise - it is on a main road. This is the first time in 10 years that this has come up as an issue - I lived there for 6 years without issues around being able to sleep and it is worth noting that the property is already double glazed throughout. I would be interested to hear what would everyone's views be on this - no, because when they viewed the property they were well aware of the fact it was on a main road, or yes? Is there any requirement for this to be remedied for them or do we just say no and then they have the opportunity to end the contract later in the year in line with the break clause if it's really not working for them. Interested to hear your views - many thanks!

  • jpkeates
    I'd simply offer the tenant the opportunity to end the tenancy early.
    You don't want to change the windows and the tenant isn't going to want to live there - no point in dragging things out.

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  • ljh
    Thank you all - the property is council leasehold and I am also not meant to make any alterations to the windows. I haven't had any issues such as this in the past 10 years, having had 3 long term tenants across this period, and the windows are otherwise effective.

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  • buzzard1994
    If the property is on a noisy road of course windows are going to be shut. If you worry about condensation supply extractors or dehumidifiers or both.

    What sort of curtains do you have up or do you have useless blinds? I'd supply them with some thick curtains that were longer and wider than the windows. I'd also check the mastic around the windows to make sure the glazing is still effective.

    If you have a lot of problem keeping tenants and these are good tenants then you could consider an acoustic screen.

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  • leaseholder64
    I think it is only considered for new builds or during conversion work.

    I would be concerned that they are going to leave the windows closed overnight, even without an upgrade, resulting in condensation.

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  • JK0
    No, of course not. I suspect they'll be used to the traffic noise by the time of the break clause.

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