Tenant left Garage full of stuff

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    Tenant left Garage full of stuff

    Hi. Tenant sent me a notice to vacate property, which he did on 20th August. However, he left a garage full of stuff including a motorbike engine and frame, cement mixer, tools and workbenches.
    He never answers any calls, but I can WhatsApp him and I can see he reads my messages. He gave a false forwarding address too.
    Problem is, what to do with his stuff. A couple of days ago, I send him a WhatApp message stating that he has 14 days to collect his stuff, after which the items will be disposed of.
    Just checking if this is correct course of action. It is difficult to let the flat without the garage, as its a coach-house and is one of the defining factors with the flat for potential renters.
    Many thanks for any replies....



      Could you leave garage door open and hope the items get taken by itinerant scrap men?


        I'd add that you'll be seeking compensation through the courts for costs of disposal / or storage after those 14? days (probably needs to be longer)


          So that basically says, after 14 days, sell the stuff, deduct any costs and return money to him?


            Also give notice that you intend to to this under the terms of the Act.. If you have no service address, attach the notice to the garage itself.

            I don't want to express an opinion on whether 14 days is enough, but if there is anything of value, you may need to safely store it.


              Tell him as he is still using property, in possession rent is still due. Would he like to clear it.
              I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


                Many thanks folks, this is reassuring. He came last weekend with a yellow Hippo skip bag, dumped it on the pavement and filled it with crap from the garage. Obviously, he has fly-tipped this - he won't pay for Hippo to collect.
                I expect there are items he wants but has no storage for it, he is not the sort of person he pays for anything - apart from Cocaine apparently!
                Thanks again folks.


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