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    Enforcement officers

    I wanted to know what peoples experiences are regarding whether enforcement officers do take action after you have raised issues with Rent Smart Wales. I ask because I have tried to get help via my local council without success, so I went to Rent Smart Wales and they have contacted the enforcement officer at the local council. Every organisation I have so far contacted seem to either not answer the phone or are willing to just accept what the landlord says even though there are multiple tenants that say differently.

    I didn't get a response to this so thought I would update my own experience. I rented through an estate agent, so assumed, wrongly, that all legal obligations would be met. Once in the property I discovered a raft of problems and that the property had never been registered as a rental property with Rent Smart Wales. The landlords were also not licensed. I reported the landlords and tried to get help from the council and from Rent Smart Wales. If my experience is anything to go by then Rent Smart Wales is there to just get money out of good landlords while taking no action against the bad ones. I reported the landlords in September 2018. One landlord has just finally become licensed and the other one is still not licensed. When speaking to Rent Smart Wales they refuse to give any info as to what is happening and whether any action has or will been taken against the unlicensed landlord. It makes a mockery of the whole system and it seems once again that the good ones are penalised while the bad ones do as they please.


      Contact your MP and have a moan to him.

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        I did and he was totally disinterested. He said if I didn't like it then just move.


          Originally posted by Flowery View Post
          I did and he was totally disinterested. He said if I didn't like it then just move.
          make sure he knows it is rent smart wales you are asking him to take action regarding and not your landlord,


            I did, he just wasn't interested. Rent Smart Wales is just another money making scheme for the government, screwing over reputable landlords.


              I had similar experience phoning to report breaches of licensing conditions. They just say they will pass on the details to their compliance team. I told them I have evidence but noone bothered contacting me for the evidence.

              Also seems the landlord does a self declaration that they are a fit and proper person, they dont need to provide a DBS check.

              Rent Smart Wales is a waste of tax payers money. (And that's from another Tenant).


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              • Reply to Requested permission to get a cat
                by AndrewDod
                The evidence for that statement would be much appreciated.

                Bearing in mind we are not talking about social status we are talking about "social housing tenants". Do have have research that shows that social housing tenants do not trash properties at a higher rate that non social...
                16-02-2020, 18:59 PM
              • Requested permission to get a cat
                by JessJ235
                Hi all,

                Moved into this rental property last July.
                Tenancy states no pets without landlords written permission.

                A couple of months after I contacted Landlord about getting a kitten, he responded saying he would get back to me and never did.

                I'm a good tenant,...
                15-02-2020, 15:19 PM
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                by jpkeates
                I keep dogs and cats (and they are the cause of my frequent use of rugs and replacement of carpets).

                However, nothing compares to the damage capacity of a kitten.
                They are full of energy, have sharp teeth and claws, endless curiosity and little continence.
                16-02-2020, 18:58 PM
              • Reply to Pre Action letter for MCOL
                by jpkeates
                You will need to be able to show that the guarantor is the one who, at this point, owes you the debt.
                The tenant has incurred the debt, and the guarantor has (depending on what their guarantor deed says) agreed to pay these debts if they don't.

                Depending on the wording of the guarantee...
                16-02-2020, 18:55 PM
              • Pre Action letter for MCOL
                by MisterB
                I haven't used the MCOL process before and having read through it, I am required to undertake 'pre action', which seems a fair process to follow. I have drafted the following (details removed of course) - does anyone consider it unsuitable ?? I have tried to include all the relevant points without making...
                14-05-2017, 07:13 AM
              • Reply to Requested permission to get a cat
                by Lawcruncher
                There is no correlation between a person's social status and their propensity to trash property....
                16-02-2020, 18:42 PM
              • Reply to Section 21 Proceedings Delay
                by theartfullodger
                Fine, so ask estate agent for evidence of service of all relevant documents...

                Could we possibly please have a response to the calm, polite, question from a wise member......
                Looking forward to your illuminating reply....
                16-02-2020, 18:37 PM
              • Section 21 Proceedings Delay
                by savvylandlord2020
                Hi All,

                I was wondering if anyone has had similar experiences as me today.

                I attended a Possession Claim Court Hearing (10 Minutes) today having served my tenant a Section 21 Notice(Accelerated Possession).

                Court hearing was listed to clarify the date of the EPC...
                06-02-2020, 20:17 PM
              • Reply to Help with Lifelong Tenant problem
                by theartfullodger
                One would need to read the actual tenancy to understand rights etc etc.. (please don't post..).

                As the rent is less than £250p.a. it cannot be (may not be, legally impossible to be..) an AST. I assume it is some sort of common law tenancy. Does the tenancy document cover what happens if...
                16-02-2020, 18:33 PM
              • Help with Lifelong Tenant problem
                by Yellowmead
                Several years ago my siblings and I inherited a flat with a lifelong tenant in situ.

                Every year the tenant sends us a cheque for £20 (his annual rent) and we send him back a letter of thanks. That is our only contact.

                The tenant is now in his late 80's. As far as we know he...
                16-02-2020, 01:14 AM