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    N5b form queries

    I have issued a section 21 notice to my tenant. I was wondering if someone could please assist me with some issues I have been having filling out the N5b form.

    Question 2, on page 2 states:

    ""On the xx/xx/xxxx, the claimant entered into a written tenancy agreement with the defendant(s).
    A copy of it marked 'A' is attached to this claim form. The tenancy did not immediately follow as assured tenancy which was not an assured shorthand tenancy.

    [One or more subsequent written tenancy agreements have been entered into. A copy of the most recent one, made on xx/xx/xxxx, marked 'A1', is also attached to this form.]"

    According to this, from what I understand, A is the first tenancy agreement which I made with my tenant. This was in 2013. Then, A1 is the most recent tenancy agreement which is dated 2017.

    HOWEVER, the last page (page 7) has a check list which states:

    "Copy of the most recent written tenancy agreement marked 'A'
    Where one or more tenancy agreements have been entered into a copy of the most recent one marked 'A1'."

    Based on the check list, A and A1 sound like they are asking for the most recent tenancy agreement, which would be the exact same documents for 2017. Have I misunderstood this completely? Can someone please clarify this?

    I am also confused by question 10. 10b asks for when the tenant was given a copy of the gas safety record. I gave my tenant a copy of this in 2017 when the tenancy was renewed. However, the gas safety had to be renewed later on in the year, at which point I gave the new copy to the tenant. Which of these two do I enter into the form?

    I would be grateful if you could please clear this up for me! Thank you

    A - your starting tenancy agreement, A1 - your latest tenancy agreement.

    Gas Safety, you need to supply the gas safety certificate which was issued before or on the date of renewal, so the previous certificate.


      Originally posted by ash72 View Post

      Gas Safety, you need to supply the gas safety certificate which was issued before or on the date of renewal, so the previous certificate.
      I don't think you actually need to send the certificate to the court, do you?

      However, this sounds like one of those questions where an a'hole judge will never agree you have mentioned the right certificate...

      You mention the current one, and he will ask for the previous one. You mention the previous one, and he'll point out it's out of date.


        This an accelerated route, therefore to save guard the evidence, you should supply it, otherwise the judge may throw it out, or if the tenant's defence is that they never were given any compulsory documents, since there may or may not be hearing, I would suggest supply the information, if in doubt send them both.


          Ok, thank you so much ash72 and JK0


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