Is removing a lodger as simple as changing the locks?

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    Is removing a lodger as simple as changing the locks?

    Dear Forum,

    I'm trying to help a friend out who lives in England in her only home, which she rents rooms out to lodgers, there is no tenancy agreement.

    She has had a problem for the past few months with one male lodger who is abusive and she has asked him to leave 4 weeks ago via text messages and more recently by a letter witnessed by another lodger.

    The guy is claiming that after taking the letter to the council they will re-house him in 2 weeks, but the tension and stress my friend is under, she simple can't cope so prior to helping, I'm just asking is it as simple as changing the locks, or do lodgers have rights similiar to tenants.

    Any advice most welcome as reading all different answers over the Internet.


    If the lodger has been givin reasonable notice (which is usually held to be the same length of time as the frequency of rent they pay), they can indeed be locked out (and handed their belongings through the door).

    I'd suggest that there's absolutely no way a single male is going to get a council property in two weeks.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Thank you jpkeates.


        Indeed: Don't let him back in, as jpk says hand him his stuff through door. In your shoes I'd carefully photo everything in his room immediately after locks changed,ideally with date/time-stamp,ideally with witness, so he has difficultly claiming his expensive Rolex & pile of £500 in £20's was stolen.
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Thanks theartfulldoger - my friend has just let me know that hes not only filled her shed up with crap, but also built another shed which like his room is full of crap. Will video and get witness for room, but is there any timeline before rubbish can legally be disposed off, as believe this guy has issues with collecting crap. Thanks


            The person who is left holding the goods has to make reasonable efforts to contact the person who owns them and make arrangements for them to collect the goods.
            What's reasonable depends on what the goods are.

            Provided the goods are made available, any issues that the owner has in collecting the items is their problem.

            If the goods aren't collected in a reasonable time, they can be disposed of.
            Anything received for the goods (less the reasonable cost of disposal) belongs to the owner.

            Google involuntary bailee
            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


              Before changing the locks, I would want to know what the previous notices actually said. If it was just 'I want you to leave now', for example, then it's possibly not a reasonable notice.
              Has he actually been given a specific, reasonable, notice period?


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                It's almost impossible to reset the tenancy with a new agreement.
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                So things that need to be done at the very start...
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                If the tenant can lock the door to exclude you, and they could wash in a sink, that's likely to be a dwelling house.
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                How basic is your understanding?

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