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    Window Restrictors

    Our flat is at 2nd floor, do other landlords put window restrictors on opening windows in case small children are in the property and, climb onto the window sill and possibly fall out?

    Also, with regard to chests of drawers, do landlords fix them to the wall so children cannot pull the drawers out, use them as steps, and the drawers topple over onto them?

    Depending on the age of the property and the type of windows, there is no law to put restrictors on opening windows for example, if they are sash windows, if they are double glazed units then they should have restrictors placed (but again depends on when they where fitted by the double glazing company).

    Chest of draws etc, ideally these should be secure (for example ikea now give wall fixing to all free standing bedroom furniture after a case where the cupboard fell on a child), but the property can not be fool proof for everything some responsibility has to rest with the tenant. My advise is send the landlord a message saying you want the cupboards/draws to be secured to the wall or that you will do it and see what the response is, otherwise you just do it and remove it once you leave, as you can use them on your next place.


      Thanks ash72


        I had a 2nd floor flat let to a family of 4 (3-year old and about 12-month old children).
        They put a settee under a window.
        The 3-year old helped the younger child onto the window sill and he fell out.
        Fortunately there was a hedge underneath and he had a thick nappy on and landed bottom-first; he was fine.

        I allowed them to stick on the window frames those plastic devices intended to stop children getting into fridges.


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          Even if not, the word of a reputable gas safe registered engineer would be more than enough to defend against some weirdo stalker claiming a bizarre charge of criminal offence, imprisonable, unlimited fine........
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