Looking for a simple, streamlined property management software

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    Looking for a simple, streamlined property management software

    Currently we're using Sage Decorus landlord manager, which isn't appropriate for property management at all. I've used CFP in the past, and that's a laggy ***** of inconvenience. So is Sage.

    Is there any software that deals with just property management, and doesn't try to suck your soul out and burn your desktop to the ground with lag?

    I just need a software that allows me to log information over phone calls, create work orders, create sample emails and have them sent out. Preferably one which works with Sage as our accountants use this software, but we property managers/maintainers are doing the posting for them.

    there are many software (now cloud based solutions) but they have a monthly fee, and really depends on the volume of properties. If you use google you will find over 30 software solutions for the number of managed properties you have which the good ones will also allow a demo version so you test if it meets your requirements.


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    • Contractual vs statutory periodic
      It seems to be generally accepted that a tenant can simply hand back the keys and leave on the final day of a fixed term tenancy without giving any notice to the landlord.

      The exception seems to be in the case of a contractual periodic tenancy rather than a statutory periodic one, where...
      25-09-2018, 13:31 PM
    • Reply to Contractual vs statutory periodic
      A landlord's notice under a contractual periodic tenancy is limited to s8 and s21(4).
      So there's at least one absolute downside (and you have to use Form 6, which doesn't exactly lend itself to a notice under s21(4) only).

      The main issue (for me) is that it's not the norm, so you'd...
      25-09-2018, 14:36 PM
    • Reply to Contractual vs statutory periodic
      s21 notice under a CPT must be under s21(4), rather than s21(1) if it were a fixed term. Not such a problem now, but some didn't want any bother getting the right end date on a s21 in the past. But that's for those that cared. Many landlords behaves as if fixed term mean the tenant must leave unless...
      25-09-2018, 14:08 PM
    • Reply to Contractual vs statutory periodic
      Ah, but is a contractual tenancy? It's ultimately up to a judge to rule it is ..
      25-09-2018, 13:44 PM
    • Managing a property from afar
      Hi all

      Does anyone manage a property that is not very close to where they live? How do they go about it? I.e.
      do you have a list of tradesmen and if something goes wrong you contact them to go and have a look at the problem?

      Also when the tenant leaves, I assume you...
      24-09-2018, 10:36 AM
    • Reply to Managing a property from afar
      It’s entirely possible to self-manage a property from any distance, provided you know what you’re doing, follow the correct procedures and have a good knowledge of housing and landlord and tenant law.

      If you’re a novice, you can find yourself making costly mistakes regardless of how...
      25-09-2018, 13:18 PM
    • Background checks refusal
      Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help with some advice for me.

      My husband and I are renting out our house in Scotland while we rent in England. We have a leasing agent and have prospective tenants. But with a catch.
      The occupants will be a couple but the lead tenant doesn’t...
      25-09-2018, 12:03 PM
    • Reply to Background checks refusal
      We had similar. Initially refused any kind of checks, and were adamant that no bad credit etc... They really wanted house, eventually agreed to her having a background check done... 7 CCJ's, she wasnt surprised but wasnt aware of all of them.

      Run a mile.
      25-09-2018, 12:44 PM
    • Electricity
      Having recently moved into a property I have discovered that the landlord has an electric cable running from the side of my home out to one of his buildings. This cable is linked to my electrical circuit board and I will be landed with the bill. I was not told about this before the tenancy. Can anyone...
      24-09-2018, 19:41 PM
    • Reply to Electricity
      They are a charity with limited resources. Their helpline number is 0808 800 4444 but I have heard it's hard to get through. They focus on housing not electricity... (afaik..)

      However you mention dunno how you have been raiding issues but I strongly recommend you write (yes WRITE! - keep...
      25-09-2018, 12:39 PM