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    Eviction Services

    I am looking for recommendations for a eviction service in the Manchester area. Can anyone help please.

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  • Reply to My tenant has passed away and their son isn't leaving the property
    by Hudson01
    Has the Son's sister mentioned anything about '' rent '' ? I gather he intends to simply sit there, pay nothing, not give notice and wait it out ....... payment free living.
    15-01-2021, 19:55 PM
  • My tenant has passed away and their son isn't leaving the property
    by Con
    My tenant has passed away and their son isn't leaving the property. Their tenancy runs out at the end of January. I knew the son was staying there as a carer for my tenant. The son's sister told me that the son would not sign the tenancy. The son was looking after the utility bills and had them in...
    15-01-2021, 16:24 PM
  • Reply to Should I consider this tenant?
    by Hudson01
    My gut feeling on this one without any further investigation would be a big fat NO, there is too much of a 'story' to tell and that alone would ring many alarm bells for me, he maybe an ok chap but i would not take that chance where there are lots of other tenants to pick from out there.
    15-01-2021, 19:49 PM
  • Should I consider this tenant?
    by Flashback1966
    I have a potential tenant. He says he has recently broken up, so for the past 3 months living in a budget hotel.

    He is self-employed. Not much in the way of savings.

    He did own a home, but it was in the wife's name, which they bought in 2005. He is making no claims, as his...
    15-01-2021, 14:42 PM
  • Reply to Section 21, Lockdown & Harassment from Landlord
    by Hudson01
    The LL appears to not have a clue what he is doing, but that aside the end result (way down the line) will be your leaving this property, you know this will occur so make real efforts now to look for something else, leaving under your own steam is far less stressful than with someone else's assistance....
    15-01-2021, 19:45 PM
  • Section 21, Lockdown & Harassment from Landlord
    I wonder if anyone on here could give me advice please? I've sought advice previously as our landlord tried to give notice during the first lockdown and has persisted in trying to get us to leave. In brief, 12 months AST ended in April, we did not sign a new contract and so entered into a periodic rolling...
    14-01-2021, 16:47 PM
  • Reply to Insurance problem
    by pebblepebble
    They were given the keys by the tenant's brother who stayed on for a while after the tenants moved. No rent paid for over 10 months.

    Edited to add tenants moved out last June....
    15-01-2021, 19:15 PM
  • Insurance problem
    by pebblepebble
    I have just been told by my insurance agent that current insurance company have refused to insure again due to the illegal occupiers currently living there. He said of all the others he contacted only one would give a quote - this was hugely inflated and had exclusions which I am not happy about....
    15-01-2021, 14:39 PM
  • Reply to Insurance problem
    by theartfullodger
    How " illegal occupiers """? How did they gain access please? Who permitted it, who provided keys (or not..), and have you accepted rent from them or not, please?
    15-01-2021, 19:05 PM
  • Reply to Insurance problem
    by pebblepebble
    No it wasn't me, this is my only post on the subject and I only found out today. It's not a rent to rent scheme or HMO just two men living there who aren't the tenants.

    Yes to the eviction process - I had the review hearing this week and waited three months for that. The insurance company...
    15-01-2021, 17:48 PM