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    I moved into a privately rented house back in March. Before we moved in we were given a right to access agreement to do a bit of painting and replace two carpets. We were given a draft of the inventory that was dated from the previous tenants and the Landlord said we would go through the inventory a week or so after we moved in once we had settled in. For the first week I sent a few emails with things we wanted noted in the Inventory regarding condition which the Landlord acknowledged. Now it has been 3 months and the topic of inventory has not been mentioned and we haven't signed an inventory only a Tenancy Agreement.

    Now reading up online I noticed we never really received any documents other than the Tenancy Agreement and a Gas Safety Certificate. And a week or so after moving in our notification of our deposit being protected. I've read we should of got an EPC and a Document from the Government

    Without an Inventory is this going to affect getting back our deposit when we moved in?

    We have also not seen any electrical inspection reports and the property runs off an older style 60's fuse box with no RCA.

    Interesting to hear your views on this.

    Thank you

    The deposit is all yours unless you accept the use of part it when you move out.

    Not having a good inventory puts you in a stronger position when you move out as it will be difficult for the landlord to show that you caused damage to the property.

    The normal process is that you try to agree how much of the deposit will cover damage, when you move out. If you can't agree, you normally ask the deposit scheme to adjudicate, and they will tend to interpret the lack of an inventory in your favour.

    If one of the parties refused adjudication, you will get the deposit back in full, but it may take some time. The landlord can still go to the courts, but the courts are likely to interpret the lack of an inventory in your favour, although, if you were the one refusing to let the deposit scheme adjudicate, they might hold that against you.

    I think the electrical issues would more affect the allocation of blame if you suffered a mishap from the electrics


      Having no inventory works in your favour on retrieving all your money back at the end of the tenancy. The ownership is on the landlord to prove the state of the property at the start and the end of the tenancy. If it is not signed the deposit scheme will check this.

      You should check the process with the deposit scheme as to their specific process, so you are familiar with it.

      If the property is in England it is not a legal requirement to have a electrical report conducted, it's only advised.

      The other documents/certificates also works in your favour, if the landlord is not compliant with his obligations, they will have difficulty in serving a section 21 notice on you.


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        s8 not an issue

        s21 see

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