Check in the same day as the tenancy starts?

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    Check in the same day as the tenancy starts?

    Hi all

    My tenant wants to have the check in a day after his contract starts. Is that possible? I would think not cause at the day where the contract starts the electricity measurements have to be taken right?
    Can the check in clerk do the inventory without the tenant ?

    Many thanks

    It's always been the day the tenant moves in for me. Any damage they do in the interim would be attributed to the condition as they moved in rather than damage they have caused (if that makes sense?!). Also, you as LL have to ensure all the smoke detectors are functional as soon as the tenancy starts, this is usually a part of check in.


      What do you mean by "check-in"?


        Assuming you mean condition report and inventory... Prepare it in advance, including a sheet for noting meter readings. Take 2 copies with you on the day, quick buzz around detailing anything you disagree on and taking meter readings (and a photo of them for good measure, datestamped). Takes about 30mins-1hr depending on how accurate your pre-prepared version is.

        After that we both sign and date both copies.


          If they are not getting keys until the check-in is done, then no problem imo.
          BUT the inventory should be prepared prior to check-in, and does not need tenant prsent.


            Thanks guys.
            Well I have an inventory clerk that will prepare the inventory.
            He said that they will prepare it at the time the contract starts and I can give the tenant the keys on the day they move in i.e. 2 days later.

            IS that ok? I don;t see any issues but wanted your view as well.


              So, the contract is starting 2 days before they move in? When will the tenant get the chance to view and discuss any inventory queries?

              Nothing to do with your query but please remember that the tenant has a right to access during those 2 days and also that the tenancy is unlikely to be an AST until they move in.


                The inventory is part of the contract and should be agreed before the contract is signed. See comments in these threads:






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