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    Inventory check out

    Hi all
    Can I please check, when you do the check out report via an inventory clerk and they find that there are discrepancies from the check in report, is the clerk the person that will advise how much the damages are?

    If not who can advise?

    thank you

    The clerk only reports on condition of property compared to move in report. It is for LL to decide on cost of deterioration, less allowance for FW&T during T.
    You apply to DPS ADR for their estimate of cost claimed, if Deposit was protected.


      I don't. As mariner says, I report changes and make suggestion as to liability, but I have no idea of make, model, age of most items in any roperty, so would have absolutely no idea how to estimate loss. That is for the LL, even with LAs that is often the case as the wner is the one who has receipts etc.

      Then the deposit scheme make the final decision, if the tenant queries the proposed charge,


        Thanks guys. What is LA, LL and ADR? I know what DPS is but not sure what DPS ADR is.

        Thank you


          Letting Agent
          Arbitration Dispute Resolution

          Sorry. I should know better!


            Originally posted by Stef Cooke View Post
            Arbitration Dispute Resolution

            Sorry. I should know better!
            So you should Stef! It is Alternative Dispute Resolution (as in an alternative to going to court).

            Sorry to be picky, but it is quite an important distinction because;
            Then the deposit scheme make the final decision
            They don't (assuming you mean ADR), unless both parties agree to use it.

            As a landlord, I would never agree to use ADR and would always go to court.



              I know that... so why did I type summink different? Ah well! Clearer heads prevail


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                Run a mile.
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