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    Best reference agent to use ?


    Im particularly interested in if a prospective tenant has any outstanding debts or financial problems, which is the best agency to use to check them out pls?


    Does this relate to your earlier thread?


      yup. I will do this and give him dates for payments. If he cant fulfil them then next!


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      • Reply to accepted definition of furnished?
        by scampicat
        I provide curtains and floorcoverings (these were there when I bought the flat), blinds (very kindly left by a former tenant when he went to prison ), and a washer dryer and fridge freezer, plus integrated hob and oven that were in the flat from new.I will not replace blinds or curtains if they get...
        23-01-2021, 14:12 PM
      • accepted definition of furnished?
        by whatsthenews
        New member here. As I believe there's no legal definition of "furnished", would people offer their opinions as to what they consider the minimum items for a furnished letting? Is there a doifference between "furnished" and "fully furnished"?
        If it makes...
        22-01-2021, 21:43 PM
      • Reply to Pandemic problems
        by theartfullodger
        If you talk to me 1st about how you've been affected so I can make money out of the chat then I'd think about the reverse, after seeing what reception my article gets.

        Which broadsheet newspaper since there's an expectation of being open all round?
        23-01-2021, 14:00 PM
      • Pandemic problems
        by Propertyhack
        I am writing a piece for a broadsheet national newspaper on how the pandemic has impacted on landlords, what with so many tenants in arrears. I'm looking for landlords willing to talk to me, on the record, about what 2020/1 has done to them. I'm interested in small scale landlords, who own just one...
        22-01-2021, 22:58 PM
      • Reply to BTL - Council Tax Bill - Ancient!
        by theartfullodger
        I'd pay promptly but state email/letter/phone call that you are only paying under duress as you believe the charge is incorrect.

        Do so to avoid fines/penalties/p###ing off council.

        Yet another reason (big ones being CGT and IHT) to keep records for much longer than the usually...
        23-01-2021, 13:54 PM
      • BTL - Council Tax Bill - Ancient!
        by Claymore

        Today I have received a Council Tax Bill - I had to have a double-look when I saw the date. Its for a two-week period in July 2010! So, it's taken 10 years and 6 months to send me a bill.

        As it is so long ago, I have no records to check to see if I had been invoiced previously...
        22-01-2021, 22:59 PM
      • Reply to BTL - Council Tax Bill - Ancient!
        by Claymore
        Well, having lived in the Borough for over 20 years, I know my local Council is exactly the same as this, hence me not being able to believe my eyes! The two week period was from when I actually bought the property, before tenants moved in.

        Its a mere £56. Part of me says just pay....
        23-01-2021, 13:39 PM
      • Reply to How to advertise?
        by landlord-man
        openrent - very cheap to get on Rightmove - and dont need to use them for anything else (though referencing is cheap and effective too)...
        23-01-2021, 13:03 PM
      • How to advertise?
        by bethy
        We have a student house and flat and have only ever advertised them via the university's accommodation service. It's low cost, has no fees to students and to be accepted the property has to be a decent standard. I've just gone online to renew the advert for next year and got a message saying the service...
        21-01-2021, 15:42 PM
      • Reply to demand for 4 bed houses
        by sm1 landlord
        the demand where we operate is huge, we will have over 100 applicants within a week for a 3 bed house, the properties are of a high standard, tenants all levels of income and nationalities, surplus of flats but no houses being built

        4 beds not many in our area for rent, they are in the...
        23-01-2021, 12:52 PM