adding a tenant to an existing contract

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    adding a tenant to an existing contract

    hello i am landlord my tenants are a married couple, when they entered the tenancy agreement they mentioned that their adult son might be moving to london and could look to live them in the house at some point in the future.. we had a clause inserted int eh contract mentioning that the named adult child could become a tenant as long as passed id requirements.

    i received an email informing me that their son will be moving to the house on a permanent basis ...

    my question is do i need to try and change tenancy to now have 3 named tenants or do i just email the couple to agree to their son becoming a tenant / activating the clause in the contract .. and what does that mean in reality .. is there a practical difference .. are they any issues re issuing section 21 etc ??

    re the deposit i read i should inform the existing tenants, married couple that there son is not entitled to any of the returned deposit for the sake of clarity.


    I think(!) that should or need to be a new tenancy, and since the tenant changed, that mean not a "replacement tenancy". So no section 21 in the first 4 months, deposit need to be reprotected, PI served to ALL tenants etc.
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      I wouldn't add the son to the tenancy, I'd just allow him to live there as an occupant of the property.

      You can't add a tenant to an existing agreement very easily (it's remarkably difficult to get right), so it would probably have to be a new tenancy.
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