Have CCj against ex tenant- What is the best method of recovery?

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    Have CCj against ex tenant- What is the best method of recovery?

    Hi Guys

    Just a quick question.

    I have a ccj against an ex tenant for £1800. She is single, in her 30's and last time I heard was working. I don't believe she has any assets to speak of, other than probably a low value car. I imagine she is still renting.

    I therefore dont think going down the hceo route (my usual method) would be worthwhile given the lack of assets, and I was maybe thinking of an attachment of earnings (although not certain she is still working).

    I have never appllied for an attachment of earinnigs before, but from reading around it seems fairly straighforward. And I can also pay for an order to obtain information first before I decide what route to go down.

    My question are, has anybody been in a similar circumstance and what route of recovery did you choose and find the most successful?
    Is it worth paying for an order to obtain information first?


    From the limited information you have given, an attachment of earnings does sound the safest, if slow, course of action. I would get the order to obtain information first though - you are going to need her employers details. As part of that order, also request last 3 months bank statements. Apart from revealing bank balances, may also reveal links to undisclosed savings. If there are savings, then consider a garnishee for at least some of the debt to give you a head start.


      Thanks so much for your reply Snorkerz, really helpful! Appreciate it!


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