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    Deposit protection scheme

    As per usual looking for some help had a tenant move out in January, left damage ie new carpets with burns in, damaged doors, full house needed painting etc. She had only been in about 8 months and was brand new before she moved in
    The DPS Still have the deposit 6 month later almost, agents now got solicitor to sign something to get it back? As you can tell I use agents so don't know the ins and out of this? As far as I know shes not disputing the dsamage she cant we have inventory before and after
    Any help as usual appreciated

    There's a single claim process you can use after 3 month's if the tenant doesn't release the deposit but doesn't agree anything either.

    There's a form from the deposit protection company that requires a solicitor (or equivalent) to sign with proof of identity to prevent fraudulent claims.
    Takes a couple of weeks to process.

    If the agent protected the deposit, they'll have to complete the form.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Yeah forms have been sent, ive got proof that the moneys still in dps, would post pic but obviously got tenants details on. Just seems like its never ending 6 months nearly to get a deposit backs a joke, I think. Thanks for help


        I think that the solicitor bit is that you are swearing an oath that the paperwork you are submitting is truthful to the best of your knowledge, and the solicitor is providing something that says you have sworn the oath in front of them.

        That is my recollection from when I went through the process.


          Thanks for that, how long did your process take,it’s not the money it’s the principle. I always pay it straight back if there’s no issues yet im still waiting coming up 6 months. Must be a complaint procedure or something


            If you say that she is not disputing your claim on the deposit, she should have no problem giving you or the agents the deposit repayment code.
            If you have this then the money should be paid back in a matter of days


              Nah she’s just not repkyibg to anything and not responding to anycwsy of contact thanks


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