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    Access for gas safety inspections

    Out of interest, what’s the usual procedure for arranging access for gas safety inspections?

    I got a call today from some organisation that’s apparently been contracted by my landlord to do a gas safety inspection in my flat (they did not seem to know my name and had to ask if I have a gas supply).

    They wanted to know if I’d be available to let them in to do the inspection tomorrow. When I told them I couldn’t because I’d be at work, they requested Wednesday next week between 12pm and 3pm. This is possible but not really convenient (I have meetings at work I don’t want to miss that day, so I can’t take the whole day off, and the way it’s in the middle of the day means I can’t just come in to work late or leave early).

    Is it standard practice for tenants to be expected to make themselves available at a time convenient to the contractor for things like this? Ideally, I’d prefer for them to just get a key from my landlord and come in and do the inspection while I’m at work but that doesn’t seem to be how they operate.

    GSC inspectors tend only to work 9-5 Mon-Fri.
    Before arranging an apt, check with LL who he has arranged to conduct GSC, by what date, or ask LL to attend mutually convenient appt.
    First appt I suggest you attend to request Inspector's ID & Gas-Safe Registration.


      You don't need to make yourself available. You only need to give permissions to enter.

      On the other hand, you should ensure that the organisation is genuine, and is working for your landlord.


        Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
        You don't need to make yourself available. You only need to give permissions to enter.

        On the other hand, you should ensure that the organisation is genuine, and is working for your landlord.

        I (landlord) tell the tenant when the inspection is due and get them to give me a date that's good for them. If no date can be agreed/where the tenant is home, then I meet the inspector at the property and let them in. They only take about half an hour or so depending on what appliances etc are there.

        But yes, this should be coming from the landlord and not some random company ringing you. You need to speak to the LL or LA.


          Originally posted by alex1 View Post
          I got a call today...

          They wanted to know if I’d be available to let them in to do the inspection tomorrow. When I told them I couldn’t because I’d be at work...
          So someone called you, let's say for argument's sake it was your local friendly burglar. And you told them exactly when you won't be at home.

          Do you see the problem here?


            NEVER agree to something with someone you do not know unless you have been advised by someone you know and trust that they will contact you for a specific purpose.

            Personally, I always communicate with tenant before making arrangements and give them the option of being present or me chaperoning tradesman. If T wants to be present, I will often attend and combine it with an inspection.


              Thanks everyone.

              I called my landlord today and they confirmed that they’ve contracted a company to do a gas safety inspection and told me the name. I looked up the outfit on the Companies House website. They’re so late filing their accounts that the company is about to be compulsorily struck off and dissolved. Not quite sure what to make of that.

              I’ll make sure that the person who turns up has appropriate identification and credentials.


                You have done the correct thing in making sure, I have always ensured that I am present in a property when this is carried out and have always contacted tenants myself rather than leaving it up to the company, so I must admit it did sound a little unusual.


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