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    Originally posted by tatemono View Post
    and whoever finds your tenants shares no information about them whatsoever with you?
    I get and need NO information other than they are ok to rent.


      Originally posted by Kape65 View Post

      I get and need NO information other than they are ok to rent.
      So your LA doesn't send you the reference reports for your prospective tenants in order for you to make a decision on whether to accept them? Reference reports containing personal info about them?

      If you blindly accept whatever decisions your LA makes on your behalf, then good luck!


        Yes I do blindly trust my LA. What's the point in using one you don't trust? In nearly 20 years I've only had 1 bad tenant and that was when I tried a different LA! I know I've been extremely lucky so far but I'm fond of the saying "If it aint broken don't try to fix it" Do you genuinely use a LA and then disregard their choices? Why?


          I don't blindly accept my Agents choice. Some Agents are known to recommend Ts they just want to keep quiet/satisfy.


            I guess my philosophy is based on the fantastic run of good luck I've had, and I do consider myself lucky not skilful so I'm not bragging here. My LA is the same guy I bought my first house from 20 years ago, he knows my criteria and wouldn't send me anyone unacceptable. Therefore I never feel the need to see references, work history etc so returning to the original point, I don't have or keep any data other than that required by the new Right To Rent rules and those are paper copies.


              yep you are lucky... of course you should only appoint an agent you trust, but trust is a sliding scale and in the complex world of letting, errors even by the experienced are all too easy to make. In that scenario, two heads are better than one.

              I see a number of threads on this forum with LLs going to some lengths to justify not registering with the ICO. I'm not the kind of LL that leaves any loose ends so I'm registered because there's some measure of doubt as to whether it's required or not. That's good enough for me. It gives me peace of mind and, if any T is concerned about how I handle their data, I at least have some track record of showing myself to be compliant.

              Plus, as an overseas LL, I have no choice but to deal almost exclusively with soft copies of everything anyway.


                If you search online for "GDPR printed documents", you will realise that the information you hold is still within the reach of the GDPR regulations...

                So whilst the regulations will have less impact on you than most other people, they still do have some impact.

                In the real world, are you likely to ever be in a position where you'll get a fine? Unlikely. But you carry that risk, regardless.


                  Is it also true that GDPR only pertains to the data of EU Citizens?


                    as I understand it, yes it does now, but when Brexit happens, this will be transferred to UK law effectively making it relevant to both British and EU citizens. I might be wrong about that though. can't remember where I saw this info...


                      The regulations apply to all personal data.
                      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
                      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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                        Unless and until the High Court+ hear a case on this, one can only speculate on the court's interpretation.

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                        They might, but in the case of council tax liability I believe it has been determined that it is the length contracted not the length that ultimately occurs that is relevant, so the same could be argued here....
                        23-10-2018, 22:39 PM
                      • Reply to S21 rent arrears
                        S21C would not appear to apply here as the tenancy was not brought to an end as a result of a S21 notice, as the proposed end date is before the expiry of the S21 notice.
                        23-10-2018, 22:22 PM
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                        Hi everyone,
                        I need some advice with the following issue.

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                      • Reply to Tenancy start date different from the one in contract.
                        That you chose to use a slow transfer mechanism is your decision, your problem.

                        There are so many fast transfer ways now, most of my payments go in/out within an hour or so.

                        Next time, use a quicker transfer.
                        23-10-2018, 16:26 PM
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                        I have a break clause in a tenancy, that after 1 year, either party can activate a 3 month get out. so if tenant wants out after a year he can give notice and leave in 3 months or likewise me ask him to leave in 3 months. NOw I fear that this clown I have will try and stay longer and will do anything...
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                        TL;DR: You need to serve a break notice to terminate the fixed term early, as well as a valid section 8 or section 21 notice expirying on or after the expiry of the break notice which you can then rely on to apply for possession at the court if necessary.


                        Break notice:...
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