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    Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post

    I thought Housing Associations rarely took deposits:
    Please God, he's not my letting agent.


      Originally posted by LOT View Post
      In this case I fear I may lose my job as it is my fault. It was an oversight and usually i pride myself on doing a good and proper job.
      As others have said, don't beat yourself up about a small mistake.

      You're not the first to miss a deadline, and won't be the last.

      Businesses expect a few employee errors, and budget for them.

      Making a clean breast of it with your manager is the best course of action. (As long as you haven't pocketed the money yourself).
      Admit your error, take any admonishment there may be, and move on.
      They may even say something like, "When I've made that mistake in the past we sorted it by doing....".

      It's when you try to cover things up rather than admitting them that problems start.


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      • Ex tenant and arrears
        by Perce
        Hello All

        I have issued multiple CCJs. Three of them are still unpaid.

        I have also issued Third Party Debt Order which was successful.

        But the ex T. still owes me money and more claims are to be issued .

        I have asked for the deposit but the ex....
        22-09-2021, 20:08 PM
      • Reply to Another Sec 21 Notice
        by theartfullodger
        Thanks to Thatcher's 1988 Housing Act a tenancy continues, monthly periodic, if tenant remains in occupation.

        Unless evicting tenants through court prior you / agent cannot (legally impossible to) prevent this.

        22-09-2021, 19:51 PM
      • Another Sec 21 Notice
        by ispookie
        We are a recent landlords after moving house. The house is a four bedroom in England, managed through a letting company, EPC, Rent protection, inventory etc were all done including the necessary checks on the tenants. The tenancy was setup for 12 months, ending in March 2021. Right from the start...
        22-09-2021, 16:20 PM
      • Reply to Utilities Account Manager
        by Neelix
        Just watch out as they seem to be falling like flies ATM
        22-09-2021, 19:28 PM
      • Utilities Account Manager
        by michaelwgroves
        I have a large portfolio, I got tired of spending ours on the phone each week managing utilities between tenancies. I found a utility company that gave me a dedicated account team. I simply email the tenancy change and it gets sorted. However, there are a few challenges they are struggling to overcome,...
        22-09-2021, 07:15 AM
      • Reply to Condensation/mould mid-tenancy
        by mokka
        I beg to differ. From experience it was slum landlords not sorting out the property by means of fixing penetrating damp along with missing roof tiles for years. Black mould covering a whole wall, damaged stairs that was just clipped back together under the stair case along with collapsing kitchen ceiling...
        22-09-2021, 19:27 PM
      • Condensation/mould mid-tenancy
        by bethy
        We have a nice couple living in our one bed flat. It's an old building with thick, uninsulated walls. We've owned it for 10 years, and in that time had 1 tenant who managed to cover the place with mould due to how she was living in it, everyone else since has been absolutely fine.

        I visited...
        20-09-2021, 12:42 PM
      • Dispute deposit based on damage that landlord didn't repair?
        by kankan
        Hello everyone,

        After signing the contract, but before moving in, the flat suffered some flood damage. 3 rooms needed repainting because of water stains and paint falling off.
        We were promised that this will be taken care of after moving in. We followed up several times, but the repairs...
        22-09-2021, 19:26 PM
      • Reply to Condensation/mould mid-tenancy
        by Hudson01
        The above post just goes to prove that you cannot help some people.
        22-09-2021, 19:13 PM
      • Reply to Another Sec 21 Notice
        by ispookie
        This is why I think the current letting agents are not very good! All I asked the letting agents was to make sure the tenancy ends on the last day as per the contract and not to extend it....
        22-09-2021, 18:55 PM