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    N5B - General question on evidence

    Hi, Just a general question, I know that certain documents need to be given as part of the N5B submission, and there are sections for the dates and confirmation of Gas certificate, and EPC etc, but there is no mention to actually attach them as part of the evidence /supporting documents. How do you prove you have complied with all legal /regulatory requirements? Do you just turn up to court with these documents?

    Also I trust the court/judge/ clerk doesn't throw the document out as my circumstances are a little different, the tenant moved in on the 1st September 2013, I registered and protected the deposit say on the 25th August 2013, each year I have given out a new tenancy, but have not produced a new inventory, and not returned the deposit. I have supplied with the new tenancy (dated 1st sept 2017), the prescribed information (dated 1st sept 2017), T&C's of the deposit scheme, how to rent guide (dated 1st sept 2017), which is all documented, but the date on the registering and when I supplied the prescribed information are 5 years out.... does anyone see any issues? or how I can over come this.

    You either send the evidence with the form, take them with you on the hearing date or submit a bundle in between with cover letter. If you submit prior to the date then the judge may have a chance to read through prior.


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