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    Evicting a family member - Lodger

    Hoping someone can advise me on this, as it's difficult enough to do.

    7 years ago, I purchased a 2 bedroom flat to move into myself, the idea being to use the spare room as a home office, and it was there for any future plans. Within a short space of time though, my parents divorced, sold the old family home and split the proceeds. My mother, not having enough to buy a new place or enough income to rent in the area, ended up moving in. My agreement with her was that she could stay, rent free, until she had saved enough to fund her own purchase.

    6 years later, she's still not left and is pretty much making my life hell being here. Myself and my girlfriend get no privacy at all, and mother is treating this as if it's her own house, redecorating to her own tastes all areas of the flat whilst I'm at work, cluttering up the place and generally just becoming a hoarding nuisance. Because of her behaviour, which is getting progressively worse and also threatening towards my girlfriend, which I have witnessed, I've asked for her to leave within the next three months.

    During the entire period, I've not charged her any rent, and she has not contributed anything other than the unwanted decoration etc. I have told her this verbally that she needs to be gone within these timescales. There are no written agreements.

    Could someone please confirm the steps I need to take, and make sure everything is covered? Obviously it's difficult from the emotional viewpoint to have to do this, but it's just not functional to be living with a parent in the 30's who won't help their self when they are capable. I've tried everything I can to help them before, but they refuse to change their ways, or even look for other work to increase their income (currently working 25 hours per week, term time only).


    Assuming you've lived there as your principle private residence all the time mum has (apart from holidays, work trips etc..) you just give her reasonable notice then if she doesn't leave, change locks, then let her have her belongings in bags whilst she waits outside. As this is likely to be "difficult" I'd put notice in writing (28 days....).

    Expect complete breakdown in relations & not being remembered in her will.

    Try this btw...
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Thanks, that's confirmed what I thought was correct, but wanted to check. Thank you for the prompt response.


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