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    Originally posted by theartfullodger View Post
    Change the locks: Keep old ones to put back when you leave.
    Great idea. Just remember to keep the old ones in a safe place!


      Just don't lie to viewers about the Property.


        As security2 wisely says: (NB "Quiet Enjoyment"). See this VERY long thread on the subject of access & viewings...

        - Perhaps point landlord at this thread? He clearly needs some education/course: (Possible course of medicine...)
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          You dont have to tidy up for viewing, they cant make you. You shouldnt lie about the property but neither do you have to avoid pointing out it's faults. You can refuse viewings unless it's spelt out in your lease.

          If you want to confirm this


            Originally posted by security2 View Post
            Oh, and during the viewings, if it's an investor, tell them you're a good long term tenant etc... And if a first time buyer, tell them it's an awful road and you've only just fixed the rodent problem.....
            As others have pointed out, quite rightly, best not to lie during viewings.

            You can always act sheepish and state "no comment" if asked about the local area or something else. You're not lying. But are casting plenty of seeds of doubt in the mind of the person who asked.


              Originally posted by techcorp View Post
              Can I refuse viewing for sale of the property whilst I live there? Only issue now landlord may not renew our contract after the term as we trying to limit to once a week as getting into arguments which having an effect on our daily life as constant stress of viewings and tidying house
              It is your home; you can live in it how you wish as long as you do not damage the LL's property.
              You do not have to tidy before a viewing; you may want to arrange to be eating a curry or similar, or maybe have your children's friends over to play, etc, when a viewing is due (toys everywhere), if the time does not suit you but they insist on coming.


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