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  • superficial
    started a topic accepting a guarantor

    accepting a guarantor

    Hello everyone.

    I'm after a little advice in relation to using/taking a guarantor on a 6 month AST?
    Its not a route i've ever taken or used before so any advice on the best way of going about this would be greatly received?

    I have a young student nurse and her fiance who are interested in letting one of my properties. They are a little on the young side for my liking but have stressed the point of being able to provide a guarantor for the tenancy.

    So, should I decide to take this route, how would I go about this in best practise?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  • Lawcruncher
    Have a look at this thead:

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  • jpkeates
    My personal view is that guarantors are only useful if they are a close relation of one or more of the tenants as pressure. You hope that they'll pay up because they feel bad, or pressure the tenant into paying.

    Otherwise, deeds of guarantee are hard to enforce and very tricky to get right. Obviously, it doesn't matter how hard they are to enforce legally if the guarantor feels duty bound to honour the agreement.

    Young couples are a risk in themselves. If one of them can't afford it, I'd possibly pass, although NHS nurses should be supported when possible.

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