Parking tenancy agreement question

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    Parking tenancy agreement question

    Hi I am currently a tenant.

    I and 5 others rent a room in a property of which the landlord lives elsewhere.

    The tenancy agreement does not mention anything about parking.

    After moving in, the landlord wanted to charge us to park the drive outside. Now he is renting spaces to people outside of the house in the drive way.

    is this likely to be a breach of the tenancy agreement?



    Is your tenancy agreement of a single room? If it is, what does it say about shared facilities? Was parking mentioned when you inspected or were negotiating for the room?


      You are renting a room by the sounds of things - not a joint tenancy. You have no right to park in the landlord's drive unless that was specifically negotiated and agreed (and presumably factored into the rent you pay).

      Do you have a single tenancy agreement signed by all of you, or did you each sign a separate agreement?


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