Renting to a social care business

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    Renting to a social care business

    Hi all,

    I potentially have a taker on my first buy to let property. They are a social care. My agent advised that the carer(s) will also live with the tenants in the property.

    Judging from Companies House records, they only registered in Mid-2017 and haven’t filed any records.

    They want to take the property for a year, then potentially renew for another 5 years lease and would consider buying it from us if we want to sell up. The rent offer is good. Sounds like an offer I can’t refuse. Should I jump in?

    Have any of you wiser heads on the forum had any experience in dealing with such tenants? what are the things I should watch out for?

    Questions i I struggle to find any answer for are:

    - what safeguards would I need in contracts - perhaps a guarantor & Should I request a higher deposit?

    -what is my exit strategy if things go wrong? Some say S21 doesn’t even apply if rent isn’t paid and I have to evict.

    -would it invalidatemy insurance? I acquired the property through a limited company /SPV and have standard Landlord insurance?

    Any advice / wisdom / pitfalls ahead gratefully appreciated.

    apologies if the questions have been asked before or if there is a separate thread on this, please kindly point me in the right direction. I have tried searching but other threads have been about dss tenants and leasing to the Council.

    looking forward to hearing from you all.

    Best wishes,


    Sounds like a business. Can't be an AST, so lots of issues...


      Renting to a company is not the same as renting to people.
      For a start, it can't be an AST, which may be an issue for insurance or BTL lending.

      It does mean that s21 notices aren't available to you.

      You really don't want a 5 year lease with a company (or at all).
      Particularly a new company with no history or credit rating.

      With respect, I think you need some research and training in being a landlord.
      This is fairly basic stuff to have to research when you've already embarked on a business.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        Originally posted by BrandNewdawn View Post
        Have any of you wiser heads on the forum had any experience in dealing with such tenants? what are the things I should watch out for?
        Yeah. Steer well clear of this sector of the market. This is a market where the clients deserve a good deal and a lot of care. Sadly a lot of legislation doesn't allow you to offer that while protecting yourself. So avoid until such time as the law changes -- or charge a very large rent commensurate with the risk you are taking.


          Thank you for your prompt response. That was my initial response but thought I might be prudent and sense check.

          my first sentence should read they are a ‘social care business / company’.

          any further thoughts from you and other members would be much appreciated.

          warm regards,


            Thanks again for all the replies. Yes, it’s all part of the learning curve and this is part of the research. Much appreciate any further advice. If any has had a success story renting to a social care business / company and what is needed from the landlord perspective, it’d be great to hear your stories.

            Best wishes.


              Social care could range from probation hostel, or drug rehabilitation, through to little old ladies. I think five year business lets are most commonly at beginning of that scale!


                Hi all,
                Thanks again for your replies and advice.

                Our management agent met them a couple of times and have been quite positive as she dealt with clients like this before hence I was hopeful.

                Will look into this a lot more closely from now on.

                Warm regards.


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